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If you’re seeking a virtual travel experience, then it’s time to Get Lost with Lisa! As a seasoned American traveler, and having lived abroad for over 15 years, I have lived in multiple countries and innumerable cities! I’m here to show you the places you didn’t know existed and give you a virtual look at what certain hotels, B&Bs, restaurants, spas, wine cellars (and more) really look like! My travel page is dedicated to giving you an honest view of it all – even the countries and cities themselves!

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10 Best European Towns You've Never Heard Of

Sure, there are lots of great cities out there that have reasons for being world famous, or even relatively well known.  But then there are smaller towns and cities that have not made their way into the limelight as they should have by now. (read more…)

So many places to eat, so many  places to drink, and so very many places to sleep. So where are the best places in Europe to rest your weary head when you’re traveling?  (read more…)

Of all the millions of restaurants in Europe, there are certainly more than 10 that I would recommend. But to keep the list relatively short, let’s skip all the extras, and focus on the best places you absolutely cannot miss when you’re on the heavily diverse continent of language, culture and of course, food.  (read more…)

Get Lost with Lisa Around The U.S. - Teleportation Style!

Best Hotel in America!

Get Lost with Lisa - and John Hughes!

Bar Bosco Teaser

Best Food & Wine of 2020

Bazille: Nordstrom at Stonebriar Centre - Frisco, Texas

The most delicious food in all of Dallas is hidden on the top floor of Nordstrom at Stonebriar Mall in Frisco. Their signature cocktails, incredible desserts, and mouthwatering entrees are all of the reasons you should not only stop in today, but become a regular guest at Bazille! (read more…)

Mason & Dixie – Grapevine, Texas

Y’all are invited to a place with classic southern charm, cozy yet tasteful décor, and a one of a kind unique dining experience. It’s all here at Mason & Dixie in Grapevine, Texas, and what you’ll experience will make you a life-long loyal guest! (read more…)

Best Food of 2020

Toasted Coffee + Kitchen - Dallas, Texas

Welcome to Toasted Coffee + Kitchen. The best breakfast joint in all of Dallas. Get breakfast all day long, any day of the week but make sure you don’t “get” toasted while you’re there…(read more…)

Best Food & Cocktails of 2020

Grand Duke's Restaurant - Downer's Grove, Illinois

Welcome to international fare at its finest! You won’t have any shortage of options here at Grand Duke’s – from any cuisine around the world.  With a main focus on Eastern European dishes, Grand Duke’s is not only high in quantity, they are also high in quality!  (read more…)

Best Atmosphere & Drinks of 2020

Lakewood Landing - Dallas, Texas

Get your grub, your drinks and your Pac-Man on at Lakewood Landing! It’s all here, and then some…  (read more…)

Best Massage of 2020

Modern Thai Spa & Bodywork - Richardson, Texas

What’s so great about Modern Thai Spa & Bodywork? Oh, nothing. Just the fact that it’s the greatest massage you will ever have in your life! Make sure to read on to find out why Modern Thai Spa is the place to go when you can’t move!  (read more…)

Best Hair Salon of 2020

Johnny Rodriguez: The Salon - Plano, Texas

Sophistication, elegance, and style can be said about one hair salon in northwest Plano, Texas. Johnny Rodriguez is the place to be if you are someone who considers a good hairstyle a priority and want the magic touch. Come and see for yourself just what kind of transformation can be done on you too!  (read more…)

Best Experience of 2019

Myblue Luxury Cave House - Oia, Santorini, Greece

Imagine being in the middle of a postcard. Imagine having one of the most iconic and world famous views right at your terrace.  Now imagine that you have all of this, and a luxury cave house to go with it. All of this is possible at Myblue Luxury Cave House in Oia, Santorini. (read more…)

Welcome to Carvoeiro Tours, the most magical experience in the whole of the Algarve! (read more…)

Venice Black Car Transfer & Tours - Venice, Italy

Benvenuti a Venezia! When traveling to Italy, the only way to see the country’s most beautiful and breathtaking city is by boat.  And the best company to book with, is Venice Black Car! (read more…)

Want to cruise around Budapest in style, sophistication and comfort? How about party from dusk til dawn with champagne and cocktails while you roll around in the fanciest stretch limo Budapest has to offer? Or maybe you need to get to the airport in a sleek and time efficient way. Whatever your pleasure, VIP Limuzin will be sure to take care of your every need!  (read more…)

Want to escape into a dream world of style, luxury and class? At Argentario Golf Resort & Spa, those are the key aims, aside from relaxation, excellent taste and fun. (read more…)

Best Food of 2019

Step into one of the best restaurants in all of Italy.  Your taste buds will be melting, your eyes will be drooling, and your stomach and wallet will be full! (read more…)

Best Food & Cocktails of 2019

It’s been a long time since Café Bazaar opened during Christmas of 1991. A long time. And for any restaurant in the world to be open that long is a testament to their success.  But particularly for a less tourist-trafficked town like Thessaloniki, and especially because of how hard the economic crisis hit the country.  The fact that Café Bazaar is still going strong should say something about the quality of their food, drinks, staff and service. (read more…)

Best Food & Wine of 2019

The best meal in Portugal can be found in the charming and tucked away town of Évora.  From their appetizers to their entrées, to their fabulous wines, it’s all here at Tábua do Naldo! (read more…)

Antica Osteria Le Mura - Bologna, Italy

Innovative creativity and delicious results leave you speechless and in a good way, here at Antica Osteria Le Mura! (read more…)

Their wine is not the only impressive thing at Hemingway Restaurant. It’s also the killer food, the amazing design, and unbeatable service! (read more…)

Best Cocktails of 2019

The greatest cocktails, friendliest person and most delicious guacamole in all of Portugal can be found at Má Ideia.  How do I know? Because I explored the whole country for a month. While Má Ideia may mean “bad idea”, the expression is far from the truth. In fact, coming to ‘Ideia’ is just the opposite – it’s a great idea! (read more…)

Get lost with Lisa at the Hard Rock Cafe in Porto, Portugal! (read more…)

Best Beds & Hospitality of 2019

Want the most relaxing and welcoming experience in possibly all of Italy? Then head to La Locanda B&B in San Martino al Cimino, where you’ll feel like a part of the family before you know it! (read more…)

The best hotel in Europe can be found in the far northwest of Portugal.  The name? Hotel Porta do Sol. Why is it the best? (read more…)

Best Massage of 2019

Get ready to be relaxed.  Extremely relaxed. Immerse yourself in the calmest and most tranquil environment you can think of when you step into Prana Bali Day Spa in Carvoeiro, Portugal. (read more…)

Best Hair Salon of 2019

Welcome to Stella Coiffure, where magic happens. Step into the relaxing, but professional environment which has taken the owner 25 years to achieve.  You will be blown-away with their blow-outs, and yes, the pun was intended. You will be mesmorized with their hairstyles, and you will fall in love with their products. (read more…)

Transform yourself by stepping into MAI Di Lunedi – but never on a Monday. Clever of me, I know. The name of the salon is loosely translated “Never on Monday”. Get it now? (read more…)

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