10 Best Accommodations in Europe

Want to feel like a Princess and stay inside of a fortress overlooking an ancient village in Italy? You might check out Hotel della Fortezza in Sorano, Italy

So many places to eat, so many  places to drink, and so very many places to sleep. So where are the best places in Europe to rest your weary head when you’re traveling?

Whether you’re on a budget, or have the luxury to splurge on something super extravagant, there’s always some place great to stay while you’re traveling. Check out this little list of the top 10 best accommodations in Europe which you probably don’t know exist, are super unique and should fit every size wallet.

10. Stay Youth Hostel – Thessaloniki, Greece

This is without a doubt the single best hostel I ever had the pleasure to “stay” while traveling around Europe. The hostel itself can be considered more of a budget hotel rather than a hostel, even though the prices and vibe are in line with just what it is. The owner could not have been more hospitable, and even took me on a private guided tour around this city, explaining so many of the historical sites important to Thessaloniki.

Though there are certainly other, more luxurious places to lay down for the night in this huge northern Greek town, “stay” is budget friendly, has character, and each room has a different music theme. Beds are comfortable, views of the city galore, and in a decent location so that you don’t have to walk too far to get to the heart of the city  – you’re there already.

An honorable mention, Luxury Living & Spa in Thessaloniki, Greece is a great cost-efficient spot where you can get in-room massages, have comfortable beds, be right in the heart of the city and still save money!

9. Patio das Andorinhas

Though it may not be the most elegant stay you can come across in the country, it is certainly one of the most unique and exceptionally rare. Patio do das Andorinhas is privately owned by an older gentleman who has to be one of the nicest people on the face of the earth. The architecture of the establishment is colorful, vibrant, and modeled after a Moroccan theme.

With a rooftop pool which is illuminated at night, stunning views at sunset, and breakfast included in your stay each morning, this place has a warm touch in every aspect.


The owner makes you feel like you are a part of a family rather than a guest at a b&b and the atmosphere and comfortable stay all make you want to come back several times over.

Prices are very fair, and the town so small, it’s actually more of a village. With only one or two restaurants to choose from, and a dozen little alleyways, you will almost most certainly be coming here solely for this charming accommodation.

8. Bartfay Hotel – Tállya, Hungary

This little gem is tucked away in a remote village in the northeastern region of Hungary known as Borsod-Abaúj-Zemplén. Due to the fact that it’s also located in the same well-known region as Tokaj, the hotel is not just a hotel. It’s also a small winery as well. Offering guests wine tastings in their dark cavernous cellar, you will be informed by the American-Hungarian owner of the wines’ history and how it’s prepared.  The hotel also offers a spa experience with a Jacuzzi tub (which lights up in different colors – making it way neat-o), and a terribly delicious sauna. The rooms at Bartfay are comfortable, the beds divine and the silence perfect for those looking to really get away.

And it’s not just the wine tasting, guest rooms and spa that will make your stay complete. It’s also the fire pit that they have out front which will make you feel like a native Hungarian. Szalonnasütés – or roughly translated, bacon grilling – is a traditional pastime, mostly in the summer months in Hungary.

Frying up not bacon, but the fat of bacon on an open fire pit is something the locals love to do, and then slather it up on a large piece of white bread…grease will dripping off your chin by the time you’re done.

All of these experiences, mingled with the quiet charm of the getaway spot, make it an ideal location for tourists to visit when they are in Magyarorszag. Just make sure you have a rental car or enough money to hire a taxi. Buses aren’t too frequent and the two nearest larger towns are Miskloc (50 minutes Southwest), and Nyíregyháza (1 hour Southwest).

7. Évora Inn Guesthouse – Évora, Portugal

This little guesthouse is smack dab in the center of town. But you would never know how amazing it is from the outside. Though its humble little door is lined along other businesses on the same street, once you’re inside the guesthouse you’ll be surprised at how different it looks from their top floor suite.

Overlooking the entire center of the city, the rooftop suite has an outdoor tub, which you can soak in by day or by night- but I chose night. With everything outside illuminated for your eye’s desire, the patio is perfect for sunbathing and lounging in their available chairs.

The room is comfortable and spacious, and their other accommodations in the guesthouse, while not as luxurious let’s say, are just as comfortable and perfect for the traveler on the go, and on a budget. While the rooftop suite is the most expensive, you’re going to find it hard to spend more than $100 a night (even in the high season) for that particular room. At least, those were the prices when I was visiting.

And to add to the list of reasons why this guesthouse is the best in town, they also offer complimentary port wine in the lobby area – all day and evening. As much as you like, and no matter the room you’re staying in. So fill up your glass, head up to the suite, and sip, sip, sip staring out onto the tranquil city center of beautiful Évora.

6. Vitoria Clegorios – Porto, Portugal

Deceptively small, and hidden away as this charming, elegant and quite spacious two bedroom luxury apartment is, Vitoria Clegorios is only a few hundred meters walk from the city center of world famous Porto. Having met the decorator of the immaculate and tastefully designed vacation rental, I was beyond impressed with not only the decor, but also the comfort level. Only getting to stay here one night was the worst part, as I would have gladly spent a week here – and not even needed to tour the city that long.

The apartment, in my opinion was the best part of Porto, and absolutely deserves more attention than it gets.

An absolute must if you are traveling to the city, and even if you’re planning on just passing through Porto, this place might be a good excuse to spend at least one night.

5. La Bor Boutique Hotel – Tokaj, Hungary

This place is amazing. And of all the touristy things to see, do and where to stay in Tokaj, you must certainly stay here. Not only does their bistro have the most elegant and delicious food in town, but their boutique hotel is the bomb. With extremely reasonable prices, the high standards of your stay will be met with a pleasant surprise.

La Bor has it all, and then some – including the town’s signature wines.  Don’t pass up the opportunity to visit this charming town, or stay at this unforgettable little hotel.

4. Hotel Porta do Sol – Caminah, Portugal

Jacuzzi tub big enough for three people inside your hotel suite? Enough said, right? But wait, there’s more. Not only does this exceptionally beautiful and well kept 4-star (which really feels like a 5-star) hotel keep you comfortable and feeling elegant, it also has a lot of amenities. Huge outdoor pool, amazing on-site spa with a ton on offer, including deep tissue massages and wraps – but it also has the friendliest staff you could possibly imagine.

My view in their suite also included a view of Spain. It was one of the best hotels I’ve ever had the privilege to stay in my life, but it was also quite memorable.

3. Bellagio Pescalo Guesthouse – Bellagio, Italy

If it was just the view, you’d already want to stay here, but the fact is, Bellagio Pescalo Guesthouse is also one of the coziest and most charming places you will ever have the opportunity to stay. Yes, we’ve already mentioned the stunning view from the rooftop terrace, but the little 2-level guesthouse has a lot more going for it than just that spectacular view of Lake Como.

The view when coming out from the front of the guesthouse

The accommodations are immensely comfortable, wine waiting for you upon arrival – both on the counter and in the fridge chilling – and the living room, the best part. While you may want to sip your cafe and eat your brioche first thing in the morning staring out at your luxurious view, snuggling up with a blanket on the living room couch by night watching Netflix might be just as wonderful here.

And though the bathroom might be small, the amenities are all there, including complimentary soap and toothpaste.

Prices here are considerably low compared to other accommodations in the Lake Como area, but still rather high when it comes to other areas of Italy. But that’s only because Lake Como is such a prestigious and highly desired vacation spot for many a tourist.

But your stay will be comfortable, relaxing and the owner couldn’t possibly be any kinder.

2. B&B La Locanda Cistercense – San Martino al Cimino, Italy

Of all the places I’ve ever stayed, this might possibly have the friendliest owners I’ve ever met. So friendly in fact, that after my three night stay here I invited them all to my future wedding.

The family owned business is one that you might not expect. Originally a pizzeria, the daughter of the pizza maker and owner of the restaurant, decided to build a B&B on top  of it. Literally on top.

And though many guests may have never heard of the town it’s in, this quaint B&B offers beautiful views of the Lazio region, a banquet of food each morning included in the price of your stay, and rooms to die for.

1. Myblue Luxury Cave House – Oia, Santorini, Greece

There’s no way this couldn’t be at the top of my list. Because, let’s face it, this place is a once-in-a-lifetime stay. Like being dropped in the middle of a postcard, the experience at ‘Myblue‘ is like none other you will ever experience.

Yes, it’s a cave-like experience, right in the very center of Oia, Santorini – one of the world’s biggest tourist destinations – you’re time here will feel magical and surreal. With an indoor hot tub bigger than any I’ve ever seen, indoor or outdoor for that matter, you can light candles around the tub, which has illuminated lights overhead which turn on automatically once the sun goes down.

The rooftop overlooks the sea and the entire town of Oia, a view most people could only dream of getting to experience.

The entire cave house is quite large, depending on how you see it, with its own kitchen, living room, bedroom, bathroom and the separate hot tub area.  So if you’re inclined to spend time cooking, enjoy the view – as it wraps around the entire house.

The bed may not be the most special in all the universe, but it’s comfortable and adequate (certainly for everything else included in the price). And the price? It’s steep, but the memory will last a lifetime.