Antica Osteria Le Mura – Bologna, Italy

Come for the intimate atmosphere, indulge in the incomparable food, but stay for the most amazing wines…


Innovative creativity and delicious results leave you speechless and in a good way, here at Antica Osteria Le Mura!

While the menu might surprise (or intimidate you), the end result is what you would hope for in any restaurant. The flavors, textures, combinations and unique presentations are unbeatable. From start to finish, their appetizers, primi, secondi and desserts are mouth-watering.  Even once you’re full, you might find yourself asking for more.

It’s hard to choose a favorite dish here, as I would recommend everything I tried. But if you have to choose one place to eat lasagna while you are in Bologna, make sure it’s Antica Osteria. Again, trust me when I tell you that I had my fair share of lasagna while in the city, but this one topped them all. The flavors, besciamella cream, and the pasta itself were heavenly, and it stood out to me as some of the best I’ve ever had in the country.

It’s not to say that their seafood doesn’t deserve applause though. Their seafood appetizers were fantastic, and so was their colorful and tasty risotto con cozze (risotto with mussels). Their veal was tender and extremely flavorful and there’s no question that one of the best things there was their baked salmon, which completely won me over. And if you’re in the mood for some Tirimisu or a brownie to polish off your amazing dinner, they have you covered.


Obviously food is the main purpose of your visit, but you would be  foolish not to partake of something off their wine list. The best wine I had while I was in Bologna was at Antica Osteria Le Mura, and I assure you, I had my fair share of wine in the city! I chose Brunello di Montalcino, from the Tiezzi winery in Tuscany. This is literally one of the best wines you will ever taste and though it’s not an inexpensive bottle, it’s worth every penny of the 55 Euro.

Why It Stands Out

Having visited many terrific places while in Bologna, this was without a doubt the one place that left the biggest impression on me as far as quality of food. And let’s not forget the atmosphere.  While all osterias are usually cozy and warm, this one has a special charm to it. With terrific 40’s jazz music, the osteria is ideal for both a date or an evening out with friends. It holds an intimate quality for those seeking a romantic rendezvous, while at the same time being the perfect setting for a lively group.

Though there is enough space to hold more than 50 people, a good recommendation is to make a reservation in advance, as I did. The osteria, while set out from the city center, is still very popular among locals and therefore fills up quickly, especially on the weekends.

But don’t take my word for it, definitely check it out for yourself – just make sure to tell them Lisa sent you!