Cavalloduska Viaggi a Cavallo: Horseback Riding – Sovana, Italy

November 1, 2019 0 By pSurP17DXX

Cavalloduska Viaggi a Cavallo & the Owner


Feel like escaping to the countryside of Tuscany? Perhaps then you should look into Cavalloduska Viaggi. They offer an unforgettable experience via horseback trekking through the savage southern Tuscan terrains.

With a calm, soothing voice, owner Andre Duska Besson, the 55 year old half French half Italian equestrian tells me how he got to where he is now.  Riding horses for a living in possibly the most beautiful area of Tuscany, Maremma, Andre’s passion for horses began at a young age.  Living in India for a year at the age of 7, he learned the art of horseback riding with his father. Trekking through Tibet in his youth, and spending years in Turkey and Greece before moving back to his native Italy, horses have always been a part of his life.




Horseback Riding


He began his business and his career 30 years ago, making him an expert and veteran in the field. So professional in fact, he managed to record me with my cell phone, as he rode his horse one-handed. Show-off.

Cavalloduska Viaggi doesn’t just offer horseback riding in the slow state as you see me jaunting along in the video below. Rather, he offers galloping lessons, and trekking adventures throughout the whole of Tuscany. Feel like spending 5 or 6 days horseback through the beautiful Tuscan countryside? This may just be the place for you, then. With an unforgettable experience from the border of Lazio to the border of northern Tuscany, Duska takes you all the way to the edge of Siena from Sovana, in the southern part of the region. And if you’re worried about falling off the horse, don’t be. You’ll have the chance to wear a very stylish helmet like I got to do.

Prices vary from package to package, but if you’re just going for an hour or a few for the day, you’re getting a steal of a deal.  1 hour will run you 25 Euro, and 3 hours is 45 Euro. A small price to pay for an unforgettable trip around the Tuscan landscape – which is stunningly beautiful.

Peaceful, private and good old clean fun, there’s nothing like riding a horse on a lazy afternoon in Italy, is there?

But don’t take my word for it.  Take the memory home with yourself. Book  your experience with Cavalloduska Viaggi today. And when you do, make sure to let them know that Lisa sent you!