Argentario Golf Resort & Spa – Porto Ercole, Italy

Want to escape into a dream world of style, luxury and class? At Argentario Golf Resort & Spa, those are the key aims, aside from relaxation, excellent taste and fun.

Argentario Golf Resort & Spa

In case you didn’t know, Argentario Golf Resort & Spa has been around since 2006. At least that’s when the golf course opened. The actual resort came soon after in 2008, and the spa in 2011. Since then, fame, celebrities and a number of high praises from the elite have come into the resort’s orb.

The owner of the 5-star resort had long had a passion for golf and a desire to open his own golf course and club. This is where it all began, but not at all where it ended. Buying the gorgeous territory, he had an American design in mind but hired an Italian architect to execute his vision.

Keeping up with a high standard of practice, the golf resort is associated with the prestigious PGA group, and even holds professional tournaments from time to time on their course.  With approximately 500 golf members, the resort is happy to welcome guests to play a round for the day even if they have never been to the club before.


For those seeking a day pass in the low season, they can expect to pay a solid 80 Euro per person, and in the high season, 100 Euro.  Not an unreasonable fee considering that you’re playing the same back 9 as some professionals do on a fairly regular basis.

Estethically the golf course is stunning. But sometimes beauty can be difficult. Such is a golf course like Argentario’s.  A difficult playing field, they are known throughout the golf community for having a challenging course. Not that players are complaining.  On the contrary. For those who like stiff competition when battling with nature, it’s just what they’re looking for to meet those high demands.


Location and Prestige

And because the resort is located not far from Orbetello, the panoramic landscape is highly sought after and coveted.  Which is all the more reason why you will fall in love with the resort before you’ve even had a chance to survey the entire property. Although they may seem to be on an island, they are not.  However, with an island climate, the golf course is able to stay open year round, never closing.

During the year, the golf club sees roughly 10,000 visitors, while the entire resort receives up to 20,000 guests annually. Ranging in courses from beginner to expert, they have lessons and instructors for all levels available to guests.

A span of 18 holes throughout the whole golf course, the total hectares come to around 80.  While the entire resort, including the golf course and villas comes to 197 hectares.

The only golf course in Italy to be a part of the PGA tour, being chosen by such a prestigious organization has been a real honor for the resort. With approximately 250 golf courses throughout the whole country, Argentario is presumed to be within the top 10 of them all. The golf course is pleased to host many a golf tournament nearly every week.  They invite you to check out their website for more information.  A membership to their golf club is €1,400 annually, and they encourage everyone to contact them to learn more.

But it’s not just the golf course that makes Argentario Golf Resort & Spa so unique and amazing to visit. They have a spa, a hotel, villas and a handful of other activities aside from golf to participate in.

The Hotel

Offering guests their choice of 72 different rooms, it’s not just a hotel that you can stay in to make your retreat all the more comfortable and relaxing.  The resort also offers private villas on site, which are possibly even more luxurious than the hotel rooms.

The hotel has 4 different room categories; their most prestigious in the high season runs between 250-450 Euro per night. Whereas, their villas can run upwards of 1,800 Euro per night in the high season.

On average, guests of the hotel and villas typically stay between 4-5 nights during the high season, and in the low seasons sometimes as long as 2 weeks. Sounds like the hotel is hard to leave. So is the resort itself – I can speak for myself, anyway.

The Spa

If you’re looking for the most relaxing spa you’ve ever stepped foot into, then this is the place to come.  Argentario’s Spa is the most calming and soothing place to visit for a deep-tissue massage, a relaxing one or a Jacuzzi tub experience. For the most part, any treatment you are seeking is on offer here, including getting your hair done at the beauty salon located inside the spa center.  To learn more about the spa’s special treatments, make sure to visit their website.

If you would like to just rest in the relaxation room, it’s worth a visit, or a nap.  The only room in the entire facility or building that consists solely of natural light, it is warm, calming and comfortable.

Need a steam? Perhaps you should visit their specialized sauna, or their steam room. Swimming is also a great idea at Argentario Golf Resort & Spa as well.  Boasting three pools and hot tub, you can’t go wrong with their creative and innovative design.

The spa is completely free for guests who are staying at the hotel. A nice treat for anyone who is interested in staying here regularly. But if you’d like a membership just to the spa, the cost is €860,00 per year

A visit to the spa is perhaps the most relaxing part of your stay, but there are a plethora of other activities you can involve yourself in while at Argentario.

Tennis, the Gym & More

Tennis is a long loved sport for people all around the world.  So why not give yourself to swing that racket around a little while you’re at Argentario? It might be more fun than you think, even if you’re not as naturally gifted at the game as I am. Just watch the video below to see what I mean.

If you’re in need of a good place to work off some of that pasta you’ve been eating while in Italy, then stop in at their technogym.  They have personal trainers who can help get you into shape, or keep you in shape.  With a vast array of modern equipment, you have everything you need to help feel great while sweating it out.

They offer other activities on site as well, such as padel, bicycling and more.  And for the children there is quite the elaborate and fancy little playground where they can spend some of their time as well. For families, this is the ideal spot when vacationing together.

With 400 staffers on site, they have employees working at the spa, leading activities such as tennis, padel and of course the golf course. They also have their bicycling staff, their wait staff, kitchen crew and receptionists. Surely, there are others who contribute to the resort, but this is just to give a sense of how many hands are keeping this well-oiled machine running.

The Restaurants

After playing a round of golf, a tennis match and getting that inevitable massage, you’re probably going to work up an appetite.  Why not stop in at one of the two restaurants Argentario is proud to invite you to? Restaurant Dama Dama, is located in the main building and offers gourmet dining for anyone who is the mood for some Tuscan delicacies. Their most famous dish is their signature Dama Dama Spaghetti.

Though they alternate the different choices throughout the year, they try to keep their traditional Tuscan dishes on the menu for guests.

Their Club House Restaurant is also a good choice, for those looking for a tasty lunch during their golf game.  Located in the club house, you can gaze out at the beautiful scenery while you sip your glass of Tuscan wine, and eat your delicious pasta or salad.

You may want to stop by their bar as well.  With stylish designs, and an array of drinks, you can pay an average of 10€ per cocktail, depending on what you order.


The Architecture

One of the most unique and special things about Argentario is the architecture, layout and design of the entire structure and its facilities. From its awe-inspiring staircases, to its imposing patios and balconies, the resort is enormous.  Not just in size but also in style and representation. The most luxurious touches are found throughout the entire resort, from the armchairs, to mirrors even to the magazines strategically placed in the perfect place to read.

A TV room for those seeking to lounge around and watch the upcoming soccer match, or a patio area designated solely for viewing the pools and rolling Tuscan hills – it’s got everything.


To see more photos of Argentario Golf Resort & Spa, click here

But why should you come to Argentario Golf Resort? Because they give an incredibly rejuvenating wellness experience from golf, to the spa, to the amazing facilities. Being a 5-star design hotel, it is their mission and aim to make the guest feel welcome, celebrated and at ease.

And, I suppose, if it’s good enough for some celebrities (who wish to remain anonymous) then I guess it’s good for us. I for one didn’t want to leave the resort when I was there for the day.  I would have been content sleeping on the tennis court.  Just as long as I could have woken up at that resort the next morning. Every aspect of the resort was comfortable, luxurious and relaxing.  The surrounding nature of the environment makes you feel just as relaxed as the staff who are their to please you in any way they can.

Don’t forget about their shop inside the golf club, either. You can pick up things like golf shoes, baseball hats with the club’s emblem and more. Like me, you might want to walk out sporting a Argentario Golf Resort polo shirt. Fine material and stylish colors are all on offer at the pro shop. 

There’s no reason not to come to Argentario Golf Resort & Spa. Just make sure that when you do, you let them know Lisa sent you!