Avoca House B&B – Dublin, Ireland

Jack Turner is the friendliest host you could ask for in Dublin!

History Remodeled

Forget the fancy places in town. Forget Grafton Street and O’Connell Square. Instead, consider a less expensive alternative and a much cozier one at that, where you’ll be immersed in the full charm of Dublin, with a lovely Irish family. Jack and Audrey Turner welcome you with open arms to their quaint house not far from the city center.

They began their B&B business back in 1999 purely by chance. It just so happens that because of the charm of one fine stranger who came back time after time to lodge at their still being renovated home, they decided to turn it into a full-time business. Having bought the house in 1991, it took 8 years for them to renovate and remodel. What began as a small house, it now boasts 8 bedrooms.

When they first began remodeling the, as Jack puts it, “derelict” house in the early 90s, a postcard floated out of the old fireplace. On the front, a picture of schoolsgirls, while on the back “1928” had been written. Jack believes this to have been the daughter of the original occupants of the house. Which goes to show just how old this place is!

Be A Part Of The Family

Jack’s theory, and the right one, is to keep a bed & breakfast a bed & breakfast. This means, you get a bed, and breakfast. So many B&Bs today offer the name, but not the amenities.

What Jack and Audrey really offer though is not just the full experience of a comfortable night’s sleep and a delicious full Irish breakfast, but they offer their company as well. What they really highlight here is the fact that they enjoy chatting with guests. They welcome visitors to sit with the couple in their living room (with their two little dogs) and make each guest feel like they were a part of an extended family – rather than just simply customers.

Personally, I love this approach to a B&B like the Avoca House. In fact, I can honestly say that I’ve never had such a friendly experience at a place where I’m lodging, nor do I anticipate that I ever will.


The guestrooms are all tastefully and equally well designed. With each room having a different color scheme, you can wake up happy in any one of them. While all but one only have one bed, their mattresses are switched annually, so that you always have a comfortable night’s rest. You will also have a luxurious experience with their modern showers. The bathrooms being newly renovated all have modern touches to them.

..& Breakfast

But let’s get to that full Irish breakfast, I previously mentioned. Not only do you have your eggs custom-ordered by their Spanish cook & maid, but you will also have sausages, ham, as much toast as you like, fresh coffee, Irish tea (with milk of course), and pastries. None of that sound good? No problem. They also have several types of cereals, peanut butter and the most delicious thing ever to orginate from Europe: Nutella.

The design of the breakfast room is also something I could not get over. Like being in an adult version of a little tea-party, each table is tastefully lain with white floral tea cups, pots and plates. Fit for a royal visit, I felt very dainty as I had my breakfast each morning while I was there.

The living room is just as tasteful, but even cozier if possible than the breakfast room. The couch and armchairs that they have are lovely and plush, leaving you feeling both elegant and relaxed, which is a difficult combination. All the more reason to stay in on a rainy day and have a chat with Jack, while you stay warm in their snug living room.


The B&B is conveniently located just a stone’s throw from the bus stop which will take you directly into the center of town, which is about a 10-15 minute bus ride. The Avoca House is also only a 20 minute walk from Glasnevin Cemetery.

If you’re looking for a family feeling while staying in Dublin, make sure to check out The Avoca House. And tell them Lisa sent you!

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