Bazille: Nordstrom at Stonebriar Centre – Frisco, Texas

The most delicious food in all of Dallas is hidden on the top floor of Nordstrom at Stonebriar Mall in Frisco. Their signature cocktails, incredible desserts, and mouthwatering entrees are all of the reasons you should not only stop in today, but become a regular guest at Bazille!

Best Food in Dallas

While there are thousands of restaurants within the greater Dallas area, there are none quite like Bazille. With its posh-like vibe, the small eatery is located on the top floor of Nordstrom at Stonebriar Mall in Frisco, Texas. The décor is understated and yet chic. The staff beyond accommodating and friendly. Professionalism at its highest, giving the customer a sense of comfort in their polite and hospitable manner.
And though the drinks are something to rave about certainly, it’s the food that is out of this world incredible. There is no other restaurant in Dallas that has measured up to them (in my opinion) since I’ve been in the “Big D”. Their appetizers, their entrees and their desserts are all a flavorful surprise, unique, creative and delicious.

The Restaurant

There is quite possibly nothing on their menu that is not worth trying, or which will disappoint. From their lobster macaroni and cheese, to their fish ‘n chips, to their blueberry crumble for dessert – each item is better than the last.

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Great precision and detail has gone into creating just the right menu for Bazille’s guests. And unlike some of their other restaurants, Nordstrom is particularly proud of Bazille as it is not their standard dining room that they feature in their other department stores.

If you need a little fuel to re-charge yourself after doing some heavy duty shopping around the store, then Bazille is your best bet. Not only can you grab a great glass of wine on the go – you can literally take it with you. That’s right. If you feel like having some Cab while checking out some tops and dresses that are fab, Nordstrom allows you to wander around their store with drink in hand.* How many places can you do that in?


Why You Should Visit

And if this weren’t enough reason to stop in and eat some of the most delicious food, the prices are very reasonable. Because they are technically a café, their prices are extremely fair – especially for Nordstrom. No matter your budget, you will feel comfortable ordering anything (or like me, everything).  Don’t worry about your wallet being drained.

So what are you waiting for? The sound of a Sharp White Cheddar Cheeseburger sounds appealing, doesn’t it? I’m making myself hungry just thinking about their food. You know you want to have a bite to eat at Bazille the next time you’re in Frisco. And who could blame you? Just make sure that when you do stop in, you let them know that Lisa sent you!

*Rules may have changed subsequent to the Corona Virus