Sometimes saving money can be a hard task when taking a trip. But here are some great places that you are going to want to visit whether you have to be on a tight budget or not. Be it restaurants, inns, pubs, hostels or tapas – you can find a steal of a deal and enjoy yourself at the same time!

My rating is determined as follows:

$0 – $12 a plate/item

$10 – $90 per night

Quality of food/room (comfort level) – 75%       Quality of service – 15%       Quality of ambiance – 10%


I am always looking for a great hidden gem.  Something that I’m not expecting, and then like a bolt of lightning it surprises me – but in a good way. (read more…)


While the burgers are the best you’ll ever have, you’ll be coming back to their joint just for the blackberry malts! (read more…)


Mexican food at its highest quality, taste and at the lowest price! (read more…)


Niní Vineria - La Maddalena, Italy


Get lost with Lisa at Nini Vineria in La Maddalena, Italy! (read more…)

Műhely Pub - Budapest, Hungary


Műhely isn’t just any pub… it’s a famous pub. But no one knows about it… (read more…)

Péter pince

You’ll find that there are other wine cellars in Tokaj that are fancier, or a little more interesting looking from the inside. However, this is a typical case of, never judge a book by its cover. Or perhaps more accurately put – never judge a wine based on its cellar. (read more…)


Welcome to Foodland, where you’ll find the most delicious burgers and pizza in Molise – and possibly in all of Italy! (read more…)


What do you get when you combine old world charm with modern amenities and living? You get Alla Niviera B&B in the unforgettable town of Adelfia! (read more…)

STAY Hybrid Youth Hostel - Thessaloniki, Greece


Get lost with Lisa at the coolest hostel in all of Greece! (read more…)


Get your grub, your drinks and your Pac-Man on at Lakewood Landing! It’s all here, and then some…  (read more…)


If you’re looking for fantastic gelato while on the archipelago of La Maddalena, there’s no place better than La Finestrella! (read more…)


Everything at the Don Juan Corner Cafe will give you the longing to come back for more… especially their guacamole… (read more…)

Pizza Artist - Bologna, Italy


At Pizza Artist their creative and innovative approaches to Pizza “alla Romana” will leave you floored with delight! (read more…)


Welcome to Bora B&B, where the views will blow you away, the comfort will keep you staying extra days, and where the captivating town’s history and charm hasn’t faded away…(read more…)


If you’re looking for a place that has amazing and unique cocktails, but where you can also get healthy shakes…this is your place.  Not just a great hang out for friends and dates, but also the perfect spot to pick up a healthy drink on the go.   So why not get a cocktail at the bar, or perhaps Go Healthy?  (read more…)


Ever been to a gintoneria? You know, where they produce and then serve gin? And basically, only gin? No? Then why not head to Troia, the tiny village in northern Puglia, where you will find the only gintoneria in the area. And trust me, if you’ve never been into gin, you will be after coming here!  (read more…)


Looking for something quick, delicious and super economical while in Barletta? Definitely stop in to PucciAre then, where you will find convenience, taste and quality all in a delicious bite! (read more…)

Cucineria - Bologna, Italy


Low prices and high quality food, Cucineria beats out so many other places in Bologna! (read more…)


Opa! Get lost with Lisa at Gyro Shack in Hazel Dell, Washington! (read more…)

If you’re looking for a great place to start your day, then this might just be the place to do it. Start offers some of the most delicious food you might not even imagine possible – all in a healthy way!  (read more…)

All of your favorite foods can be found in one place, but they’re all on a taco shell. Be it corn or flour, you can have your choice of just about any type of taco you can think of – and even some, you’ve never imagined possible! (read more…)

Sangria, beach beds and excellent customer service…what more could you ask for? (read more…)

Looking for some homestyle Hungarian food at reasonable prices? Then The Anchor Restaurant is the place to go! (read more…)

Cannula Restaurant brings Greek fare in the most traditional way…but at the lowest cost you’ll find in town. (read more…)

For delicious tapas, great service and fantastic wine, make sure to pop in at the Évora Taste Tapas Wine House.  With all their items at a reasonable price, anyone and everyone can afford to taste something at Taste.  (read more…)

Looking for a great place to have some delicious gelato while in Aix-en-Provence? Look no further than Eduard et Maelle Glacier! (read more…)

Come and get it, and get it all at In Fretta! Just make sure that when you stop in you won’t be eating in una fretta – there’s too much for you to try!  (read more…)

Sonny Bryan's Smokehouse - Richardson, Texas

If you’re looking for something hot, smoky and tasty – Sonny Bryan’s is your answer! With a variety of different BBQ delights, it’s the best choice you can make on a budget or not!(read more…)

Get lost with Lisa at Le Shakespeare Nightclub in Aix-en-Provence, France

(read more…)

Get lost with Lisa at Café de la Paix in Bologna, Italy! (read more…)

Step into the past and taste some of the best deli sandwiches this side of anywhere. You’ll find the atmosphere, flavors and old time hospitality at Papa’s Deli in Crown Point, Indiana! (read more…)

If you’re in the mood for the best hot dogs in Indiana, then you are definitely in luck. Stop in at Fort Wayne’s Famous Coney Island for some of the best wieners around! (read more…)

La Gelateria Italia - Nyíregyháza, Hungary

Craving a little taste of Italy while in eastern Hungary? Look no further than La Gelateria Italia in Nyíregyháza! (read more…)

Need a good place to stay in the center of Budapest, but on a budget? Then book a room at Maverick City Lodge.  They’ll treat you like family, keep your wallet full and make sure you wake up refreshed and comfortable. (read more…)

In the heart of downtown Elkhart, Indiana, there’s a little tiny hole-in-the wall that has the yummiest health food for miles around. With a genuine heart to keep people healthy and their tummies happy, owner Jenny gives her place a warmth and coziness that most people lose sight of these days.

(read more…)

Skipper’s is one of the greatest fast food restaurants of all time…this coupled with Wayback Burgers is like a little piece of heaven…at a Chevron gas station… (read more…)

If you’d like an unbeatable location while staying on the unforgettable island of La Maddalena, then stay at La Siesta B&B! (read more…)


Lángos-mester Eatery - Tokaj, Hungary

Get lost with Lisa at Lángos-mester in Tokaj, Hungary! (read more…)

Welcome to a land of juice & more! Here at Salubrious, you will find everything from juice cleanses and smoothies to vegan sandwiches! It’s all here in Frisco, Texas, so make sure to stop in today!  (Read more…)

Tokaj Coffee Roasting Company - Tokaj, Hungary

You will be immersed in the rich and flavorful aromas of coffees from South America, Europe, and Africa. The types of coffees they have are plentiful, and the pastries they have all look amazing. You might not be able to taste just one. (read more…)

Welcome to Corvin Plaza Apartments & Suites and Maple Tree Apartments.  Their mission is to provide guests with a comfortable and memorable experience while in Budapest, and hope to welcome them back as many times as possible in the future! (read more…)

Gelato in the heart of Santorini…two of the most wonderful things at once. Does it get any better than this? (read more…)

Located in one of Seattle’s most well known, yet contreversial areas, Blue Moon Burgers makes some of the best patties in town for a reasonable rate that everyone can afford.  (read more…)

Have a sweet tooth? In the mood for something dolce in the middle of the afternoon? You’re not alone. That’s why Coffee Bella House was created, to satisfy all those sugar kicks you’re looking to please.
Just be careful though – you might end up with a sugar overload walking in here  (read more…)

Get lost with Lisa at New Livingstone Pub in Troia, Italy! (read more…)

Get lost with Lisa at Apartments in Budapest in Budapest, Hungary! (read more…)

Szerelmi Wine Cellar - Tokaj, Hungary

It’s easy to be proud of your wine when customers come flocking to your booth more than anyone else’s during a wine festival. And not just any wine festival, but at the Tokaj wine festival.  (read more…)

Welcome to D’s Burgers, where you’ll find the friendliest staff in all of Santorini, terrific food and an amazing atmosphere! (read more…)

Have you ever wanted to lose yourself in the same Wonderland that Alice found herself in? I know I have! (read more…)

WOW American Retro Diner - Budapest, Hungary

The taste, the decor, the music and the flare will all make you feel like you’ve stepped back in the 1950s! From the time you walk in, taste their food and look all around you, you will no doubt be saying, “WOW!”  (read more…)

Corky's Dogg House - Cedar Lake, Indiana

Coming soon!

Prés Wine Bar - Tokaj, Hungary

When in Rome eat pasta, and so is the case when you’re in Tokaj, except you drink wine! (read more…)

Trying to find a guesthouse that’s right by the beach, economical and comfortable? Then BEACH CORNER Guesthouse is your best bet for convenience, location and comfort! Located in the small town of Espinho in northern  Portugal, the beach bum vibe is what you’ll find at this guesthouse. (read more…)

A great inn which offers reasonable prices and hotel amenities for those on a budget…  (read more…)

Get lost with Lisa at the Domatia B&B in Barletta, Italy! (read more…)

Huli Panzio

For those out there looking for a comfortable stay, but trying to save some money, the Huli Panzio is the perfect fit.  (read more…)

Looking for some authentic Alentejo food at low costs? You’re in luck. At O Canhoto Restaurant in, you will not only find great hospitality, traditional cuisine, but a wonderful environment.
(read more…)

Want a lot of different food and don’t want to spend a lot? How about unlimited food and lots of it? Then you might want to check out Gastland Oktogon Bisztro in Budapest, where their food is on par with their prices! (read more…)

Welcome to Kedves Palacinsta, where you will be overwhelmed with deciding just which treat to order out of the dozens they have on offer! (read more…)

Have you ever had traditional Alentejo food? How about traditional Angolan food? How about the two intertwined? If you’ve always wanted to try either of the two, or both, then look no further than Dom Vinho!
(read more…)

For the best gelato around, make sure to stop in at Gelateria Terrazze Miranda in Campobasso. They put the taste in fantastic!  (read more…)

Home of Eleven offers spacious living in the beautiful areas of Buda and in Pest! (read more…)

Have a hankering for some pizza and pasta while you’re in the charming and historical town of Évora? Then perhaps you might like to consider Ristorante Pizzeria L’Italiano as a place to stop in and have some home style Italian food.   Not just any Italian food, but Sicilian food!  (read more…)

Get lost with Lisa at the Évora fair in Évora , Porgual, and have some Portuguese food from Restaurant N-254! (read more…)

If you’re looking for a silent retreat from the hustle and bustle of city life, make sure to consider Quatro Anas Farmhouse as your next getaway.  And if it’s something in the city you’re looking for and on a budget, they’ve got you covered there too.  (read more…)