Café Bazaar – Thessaloniki, Greece

While their food is the best in the city, their cocktails are the best in the country!

It’s been a long time since Café Bazaar opened during Christmas of 1991. A long time. And for any restaurant in the world to be open that long is a testament to their success.  But particularly for a less tourist-trafficked town like Thessaloniki, and especially because of how hard the economic crisis hit the country.  The fact that Café Bazaar is still going strong should say something about the quality of their food, drinks, staff and service.

Upon entering Café Bazaar, you are immediately reminded of an early 20th century ambiance and setting. The lighting is dim, but not dark.  With an upstairs and a downstairs seating area, there is more than enough room for patrons to dine and chat.  Lively vibes and carefully selected decor will leave you feeling comfortable but also just the slightest sense of an upper-crust atmosphere.

With literally the best food I had the whole time I was in Thessaloniki, Café Bazaar’s dish selections will leave your mouth watering and your stomach more than satisfied.

  • Penne al’vodka

From their appetizers to their entrees, it’s all made with intense flavors and a lot of love.  The cocktails though, oh my God. Try them all! There is nowhere else in Greece that I had a better cocktail. For real.  As crude a name as it might be, don’t miss out on their take on a “Porn Star” which is apparently a drink in Greece. And it’s amazing.  The second cocktail I tried while I was there didn’t have a name, so they now officially refer to it as “Lisa’s Cocktail”. Try that too.

The staff, including the owner, are some of the most down-to-earth and personable people you will meet while in Thessaloniki, and they are happy to explain any and all of their dishes to you.

So what’s the best thing at Café Bazaar? That’s like trying to choose your favorite child. It’s impossible. All of their food is incredible. But don’t pass up the opportunity to try their crepe with artichokes, caramelized onions, white wine and thick cream. Oh, and there’s chicken inside. It was phenomenal.  Their penne al’vodka is also absolutely delicious, and of course I already mentioned those unbelievable cocktails.

Why come to Café Bazaar? If the food doesn’t sound like it’s enough of a good motive to get yourself in there, how about the fact that the staff here tries to make everyone feel at home. They love meeting and welcoming customers in from all different cultures and walks of life. They love listening to their stories and making them not just feel like special guests, but actual friends. I know I felt that way while I was there.

And prices? They are average and very fair for the city.  And even if a few items might seem higher than others, you’re paying for amazing quality (the best in the city), and unbeatable service.  With a packed house the evening I was there, it was evidence that the restaurant is not only popular, but that their food is highly coveted.

So make sure to have yourself the best meal in town the nex time you’re in Thessaloniki at Café Bazaar. And as always, make sure to tell them Lisa sent you!