Casual Cost

If you’re looking for a cost that is something in between budget and luxury, then these are the places for you! Some offering high quality ambiance, others offering a casual vibe, no matter who you are or where you’re from you’re always welcome here!

My rating is determined as follows:

$12-18 per dish/item

$60-200 per night (seasonal rates)

Quality of food/room (comfort level) – 75%       Quality of service – 15%       Quality of ambiance – 10%


Want the most relaxing and welcoming experience in possibly all of Italy? Then head to La Locanda B&B in San Martino al Cimino, where you’ll feel like a part of the family before you know it! (read more…)


Step into one of the best restaurants in all of Italy.  Your taste buds will be melting, your eyes will be drooling, and your stomach and wallet will be full! (read more…)

There are few vacation rentals in the world that can boast to have it all. And Sea Gypsy Vacation Rentals is in that lucky rare bunch. With over a 100 rentals to choose from, there’s something to fit everyone’s taste, budget, style and way of life… (read more…)

Torquemada Beach Club - Margherita di Savoia, Italy


You’ll never want to leave Torquemada Beach Club… for so many different reasons!  (read more…)


At Emanar, coziness, friendliness, and yumminess are of utmost importance… (read more…)


Few places in Tokaj really give you the feeling of being in western Europe. But La Bor Bistro & Boutique Hotel, makes you feel like you’ve stepped into a little piece of Parisian paradise. (read more…)


It’s not always easy to find peace and serenity at a hotel. But at the Bártfay Hotel, you’ll find just the antithesis is true of the norm. If you’re looking for noise and lots of distractions, you won’t find that here. (read more…)


The most delicious food in all of Dallas is hidden on the top floor of Nordstrom at Stonebriar Mall in Frisco. Their signature cocktails, incredible desserts, and mouthwatering entrees are all of the reasons you should not only stop in today, but become a regular guest at Bazille! (read more…)


Y’all are invited to a place with classic southern charm, cozy yet tasteful décor, and a one of a kind unique dining experience. It’s all here at Mason & Dixie in Grapevine, Texas, and what you’ll experience will make you a life-long loyal guest! (read more…)


Are you in the mood for some of the most exotic food you’ve ever heard of? How about reading the most creative menu that you’ve probably ever come across in a brewery? Interested in the most delicious food you’ll have this side of anywhere? Then  you might want to check out Two Bandits Brewing, Co. in Hicksville, Ohio! (read more…)


Get lost with Lisa at Nini Vineria in La Maddalena, Italy! (read more…)


Step inside a typically cliché Tuscan style osteria, where the food smells just as good as the wine tastes!  (read more…)


Make sure to be wearing a pair of loose pants when you come to Kitchen Table Cafe…you will want to eat everything in sight! (read more…)

Café Bazaar - Thessaloniki, Greece


It’s been a long time since Café Bazaar opened in Christmas of 1991. A long time. And for any restaurant in the world to be open that long is a testament to their success. (read more…)


Want a little luxury while staying in the small, sleepy town of Campobasso? Then look no further than La Terrazza B&B! (read more…)

If you’re like me and can’t get enough of the spicy delight of Indian cuisine, then you will most definitely want to check out Tandoor in Schererville, Indiana! The best Indian spot in Northwest Indiana – and quite possibly in the Midwest  – Tandoor will leave you feeling incredibly satisfied in all aspects of restaurant dining.  (read more…)

Get ready to sink your teeth into some of the tastiest, flat out most delicious food you’ve ever had in the Midwest. And it’s in a place you might not even know about…(read more…)


Brooks Burgers may be the best food you’ve never known about in all of Southwest Florida. From their signature burgers to their classic Fish n’ Chips and their out of this world cocktails, the restaurant has been thriving for a while and owner Scott knows a thing or two about how to keep his guests happy – whether they be newcomers like me, or regular customers.  (read more…)

What do you get when you combine old world charm with modern amenities and living? You get Alla Niviera B&B in the unforgettable town of Adelfia! (read more…)

When in Nashville, Indiana where can one go to get some typically southern grub? Why the Nashville House of course! You better make sure you want some southern comfort as it were, because you’re going to feel down right country in every which way while here! (read more…)

La Fontana Bellagio Ristorante Pizzeria has everything you could ask for.  An 80s atmosphere, traditional Italian dishes you almost never see on menus throughout the country, and a great location.  When dining in Bellagio, there’s really no better choice than La Fontana!  (read more…)

Anyone on a diet needs to stay far away from Da Saverio Ristorante & Pizzeria. The smells, tastes and textures will keep you at the table for days – no exaggeration! (read more…)

Welcome to Shagri-La, where satisfaction is guaranteed, speed is the talent of the shop, and smiles and laughter are key. (read more…)

Welcome to international fare at its finest! You won’t have any shortage of options here at Grand Duke’s – from any cuisine around the world.  With a main focus on Eastern European dishes, Grand Duke’s is not only high in quantity, they are also high in quality! (read more…)


Welcome to Toasted Coffee + Kitchen. The best breakfast joint in all of Dallas. Get breakfast all day long, any day of the week but make sure you don’t “get” toasted while you’re there…(read more…)

Take a ride on a speed boat through the glorious panoramic views of Porto Santo Stefano.  Be it a special occasion, a fancy or simple rental, whatever your pleasure, Biba Boats is the place to stop in for an unforgettable experience!(read more…)


Get lost with Lisa at the most delicious Mexican restaurant in the greater Dallas area! From fresh guacamole as your appetizer to fried ice cream for dessert, everything is muy bueno here! (read more…)


Few meals make you cry with joy because it tastes so good. Love and War in Texas is one of those places. Perhaps the name has its own significance, but my take on it is probably different. You’ll love the food so much, you’ll be warring with yourself over how much more to order!  (read more…)

Whether it’s apperitivo, lunch or a panino on the run you’re looking for, SaBo Salumeria will not disappoint! (read more…)

Get ready to quench your thirst…and your hunger…all in one swig.  At Emporio 1920 they put jazz ambiance back in style and food in your cocktails. Yeah. For real.  (read more…)

Paradise is in the middle of the Alentejo region in Portugal.  Surrounded by nothing but olive trees and a vast dry land, you are reminded of the rural areas of Tuscany.  The silent escape of the real world is perhaps just but for a short time, but you can do it in comfort, on a budget and with some great wine by your side! (read more…)


Welcome to Ellen’s.  The greatest brunch restaurant, and most talked about one in all of Dallas is someplace you need to try while in the Big D. Here are just a few of the many delicious reasons Ellen’s is the greatest thing since (their own) sliced bread!  (read more…)


Get lost with Lisa at McMenamins on the Columbia in Vancouver, Washington! (read more..)


Every girl needs a day to get her beauty on.  But what can you do when you’re in a little unknown village in the middle of Lazio? Head to Parentesi Donna Hair Salon in San Martino al Cimino, that’s what!  (read more…)


For a little bit of luxury and style in the heart of Campobasso, head to Essentia Show Restaurant. There, they’ll take you on an unforgettable food odyssey which will be delivered to you with utmost class and taste. And oh what a taste!  (read more…)


Hungry? Check out Blé Restaurant and Café in Thessaloniki, because they have all the food you’re looking for…(read more…)

Looking for a chic place that offers casual ambiance and attire while in Oia? Why not try Thalami Resturant? They not only have fantastic customer service, amazing atmosphere, but terrific food! I should know…I tried it all…(read more…)


When you combine ingenious art with American fare you get the delicious wonder that is Twilight Pizza Bistro! (read more…)


You might be wondering where the best food in Terre Haute can be found.  It’s inside a tiny spot known as Fifi’s Lunch Box.  And while the location may be small, the portions and tastes are bigger than life! (read more…)

Stay at Hotel Du Globe in the center of Aix-en-Provence where you will find 4-star quality at 3-star prices!

(read more…)

Get lost with Lisa at the Hard Rock Cafe in Porto, Portugal! (read more…)

For a medieval ambiance and a superb taste you won’t find anywhere else in Barletta, head to Al Tetuccio Ristorante & Pizzeria! (read more…

You may be hard pressed to find a magical time-traveling DeLorean in Southwest Florida. But if you’re really keen on stepping back into the past, then the best option is checking out Mel’s Diner! With several locations in the greater Naples area, you’re going to love the music, the food and most especially the atmosphere!

(read more…)

Dallas is a big city, with a zillion choices when it comes to any kind of cuisine. Even a generous selection of Italian fare throughout the “Big D”. So it’s not always easy to make a decision of where to eat if you want to pick just the right place. That’s why you might want to think about checking out Princi Italia in West Plano Village. The service is great, the wine selection vast, and the food delicious from appetizers to desserts!  (read more…)

Want to taste a little bit of the Middle East, but don’t want to make the long flight? No need.  Israel’s savory flavors come to you right in Dallas, Texas.  All the spices come together in harmony at the best place in town to meet, that is, at Meat Point! (read more..)

Come in for the atmosphere. Ward off the hunger with massive appetizers. Stay for the entrees. But be seduced by the desserts… (read more…)

The Pangea Hotel offers a plentiful breakfast and dinosaurs in the front and backyards… (read more…)

The bustling and beautiful city of Budapest has a million different restaurants to choose from.  So why dine at La Perle Noire? Read on to find out! (read more…)

Don’t cross Ristorante Da Nello Al Montegrappa off your list by any means. They have some of the tastiest food in the whole city, and here’s a breakdown of what and why…(read more…)

If you’re looking for  quality Napoletana pizza on the south side of Seattle, then look no further than Pizzeria Pulcinella.  (read more..)

With a long and fascinating history, dine at one of the most well-known and historic restaurants that not only Budapest has to offer, but all of Europe! (read more…)

Having just opened recently in April of 2019, Le Café Voltaire has some of the best food you don’t know exists in Aix-en-Provence.  With lower-end prices, high quality staff and atmosphere, you won’t want to miss coming here while in town! (read more…)

Get lost with Lisa at Faidimos restaurant in Thessaloniki, Greece! (read more…)

Get lost with Lisa at Demetervin Winery & Guesthouse in Mád, Hungary! (read more…)

Get lost with Lisa at Fülemüle Restaurant in Budapest, Hungary! (read more…)

Rated Europe’s best zoo in 2015, the Sosto Zoo (a.k.a. Nyiregyhazi Allatpark), has more than 500 species, and 5,000 animals. (read more…)

Step into the professional and totally hip hair styling world of Gémeas. With owners Elisabete & Maria ready to make you feel beautiful and classy, their large staff of highly talented and precise specialists will take your hair from drab to fab! (read more…)

Casa Terreiro do Poço - Borba, Portugal

In the mood to stay at a manor dating back to the 17th century? How about relaxing by a private pool surrounded by unique architecture and massive palm trees? Indulge in some delicious local sausages and fresh squeezed orange juice for breakfast? If all of this sounds like it’s up your alley, then you might want to head to the tiny village of Borba.  Here, you will find Casa do Terreiro do Poço, with a lot more than what you might be expecting!
(read more…)

When you have the perfectly executed combination of delicious traditional Hungarian food with the most spectacular location and view in Budapest, why not stop in at Why Not Bistro? (read more…)

Pasta Gigi’s Fettucine Alfredo had me practically licking the plate by the end. Don’t miss out on their signature dishes either though. In fact, while you’re there, just order one of everything to play it safe…(read more…)

Elephants Delicatessen - Portland, Oregon

At Elephants you can choose between feeling sophisticated with any number of their snazzy cocktails, or right at home with their homemade American grub. (read more…)

Royalty, presidents, film stars and pie. What do all of these things have in common? Collin Street Bakery in Corsicana, Texas! Known for their fabulous fruit cakes and pecan everything, you’re sure to find something that will meet your sweet tooth craving! (read more…

Erzsébet Wine Cellar - Tokaj, Hungary

Like most wine cellars in Tokaj, the Erzsebet Pince dates back to a long time ago. A really long time ago.

So long ago in fact, that the former Empress of Russia, Elizabeth Petrovna, actually rented out the cellar to store the region’s coveted Aszu wine back in the 1700s. (read more…)

Forget the fancy places in town. Forget Grafton Street and O’Connell Square. Instead, consider a less expensive alternative and a much cozier one at that, where you’ll be immersed in the full charm of Dublin, with a lovely Irish family. (read more…)

For delicious tapas, great service and fantastic wine, make sure to pop in at the Évora Taste Tapas Wine House.  With all their items at a reasonable price, anyone and everyone can afford to taste something at Taste.  (read more…)

Get your song on at the coolest karaoke joint in Seattle, Washington – Ozzie’s! (read more…)

You’ll be both educated and entertained while on Dublin Tour Guide’s little adventure through the famous Irish capital… (read more…)

Fire on the Mountain isn’t just your typical beer and chicken wing bar. It’s a full-on restaurant with liquor and alcohol galore, tons of seating and great staff that will make you want to come back for more! (read more…)

At Voodoo Doughnuts, abnormal is the norm! (read more…)

Get lost with Lisa at Toasted Coffee + Kitchen in Fort Worth, Texas! (read more…)

Get lost with Lisa at Bononia Club in Bologna, Italy! (read more…)

Get lost with Lisa at Brunch Bistro Budapest in Budapest, Hungary! (read more…)

It’s not exactly a pizzeria…and it’s not exactly a restaurant…but it is a whole lot of fun! (read more…)

Welcome to Corvin Plaza Apartments & Suites and Maple Tree Apartments.  Their mission is to provide guests with a comfortable and memorable experience while in Budapest, and hope to welcome them back as many times as possible in the future! (read more…)

Looking to travel eastern and central Europe in comfort? Look no further than Tosi Trans transfer company. They will get you from eastern Hungary to Slovakia, Vienna and everywhere in between, making your journey relaxing, easy and safe. (read more…)

Master Beer may not be what you expect, and in a good way. While it’s located outside of the center of Bologna, and right next door to a supermarket, the restaurant itself is full of surprises! (read more…)

Trattoria Caffé del Rosso - Bologna, Italy

There is certainly no shortage of pasta at Trattoria Caffè del Rosso…(read more…)

Get ready for some of the best pastries in the city, some of the friendliest staff around and the most charming ambiance you can find in Budapest. It’s all at Á Table Boulangerie-Pâtisserie! (read more…)

Welcome to Cuvee Cocktail & Fish Bar, where atmosphere is everything and cocktails are the garnish. (read more…)

Get lost with Lisa at Fülemüle Restaurant in Budapest, Hungary! (read more…)

Get lost with Lisa at Roberto Bistro in Bologna, Italy! (read more…)

At Antonio & Antonio you can have more than just pizza.  With seafood dishes, salads, and pasta, Antonio & Antonio offers you everything, including one of the most spectacular views from any restaurant in the city!  (read more…)

You’ll feel relaxed and comfortable in your suite at the Stacio, after a massage in their spa, and a dinner at their in-house restaurant! (read more…)

Stay overnight in the past, wake up to peace and quiet, and enjoy tasteful and antiquated décor while in beautiful Pensacola, Florida! (read more…)

In the mood for some Mexican food? How about seafood? Why not both? Don’t think you can? You’d be wrong. At Palapas Seafood Bar, Mexican surf comes to Dallas’ turf! Just save room for a little bit of everything, because you’ll want to try it all!  (read more…)

Make sure to check out one of Dallas’ best kept secrets for cocktails, friendly staff and uniquely flavorful dishes! Head to 3Eleven Kitchen & Cocktails to find out why they are one of the coolest places in downtown Dallas!  (read more…)

Why not treat yourself to some Mediterranean fare when you’re in the Big D next? If it’s something a little bit Greek and a little bit eastern you’re looking for, then Luna Grill has you covered!  (read more…)

Have a hankering for some sandwiches this afternoon? Why not stop in at East Hampton Sandwich Co. where they will satisfy your on-the-go cravings in a flash!  (read more…)

Get lost with Lisa at Cafe Brunch Budapest in Budapest Hungary! (read more…)

Get lost with Lisa at La Terrazza Pizzeria in Nyíregyháza-Sóstó, Hungary!-(read more…)

Ristorante Pizzeria Il Portico has a few things to offer that you might be very excited to hear.  (read more…)

Looking for some breakfast fare? How about breakfast all day long? How about in a really vibrant and unique location? Then you should probably check out Toast & Jam in Schererville, Indiana. With just about everything but the kitchen sink on their menu, there’s no chance you’ll go hungry here… 

(read more…)

Get lost with Lisa at Apartments in Budapest in Budapest, Hungary! (read more…)

Get lost with Lisa at Bihari Farm in Nyíregyháza, Hungary! (read more…)

Welcome to East Side Toledo’s best kept treasure: Tony Packo’s Café! With a unique history, mention in television, and incomparable souvenirs, Tony Packo’s is a fun place to spend an evening and get lost. In this case, get lost with Lisa. (read more…)

Laschet’s Inn is the perfect combination of a hideaway bar and comfort food retreat.  The next time you’re in Chicago, you might want to stop in for some German food and great drinks!  (read more…)

While in Terre Huate, you may have a hankering for some great draft beer. In which case, the place you need to be is M. Mogger’s Restaurant & Pub! (read more…)

Get lost with Lisa at The Victoria Mexican Restaurant in Farmers Branch, Texas! (read more…)

Need some breakfast? Lunch? Dinner? Dessert? How about a variety of different coffees? You’re in luck. Stop in to Café Brazil today, and you’ll have all of this – and more!  (read more…)

An Albanese twist on Italian cuisine in the suburbs of Dallas, Texas. Can you get any more diverse and unique than that? Probably not. Café Amore is the place to come in and have a new take on your favorite pasta dishes! (read more…)

Welcome to Ceno Grille, where they prove that a little place can pack a lot of food! (read more…)

Get lost with Lisa at Brasserie de la Mairie Restaurant & Pub in Aix-en-Provence, France! (read more…)