Crave Popcorn Co. – Plano, Texas

Craving something sweet?  The popcorn bug got the better of you? Looking for something sweet and salty? Then you might want to pop on into Crave. All of your popcorn, sweet tooth and old-fashioned food desires can be found here – and so much more!

How It Popped Up

Carol Davis, the 45 year old sole proprietor of Crave Popcorn Co., opened her little shop on Valentine’s Day of 2014. The most unique novelty food shop around, who would have thought that Plano, Texas would be the home of such a creative and effervescent shoppe?

With her late husband, Blake, the two had always wanted to run their own business. Wanting to teach their kids the value of hard work and success, they opened the fun store 6 years ago. Given that her husband was a great cook and Carol wanted a gift shop, they compromised by creating a union between the two ideas. The result: gourmet popcorn!


The Charm

Though the main reason for the shop to begin with was the popcorn, it has evolved into so much more over time. The scent, sight and sound of that lovely popcorn may bring people into Crave, but it’s those eye-catching goodies that keep people coming in.

Carol suggests that the most unique thing about Crave is that it’s more of an experience, rather than just a store. Due to its dated feel, the nostalgic candy and the way some of the items tug at childhood memories are big reasons first time customers become regulars.

Another thing Carol offers at Crave is her southern charm. Which, while you may find it around these parts, she gives it in extra special doses. From her sweet approach with each guest that saunters in, to her endearing tone when saying, “that just warms my heart,” you will feel right at home.


The Popcorn

Obviously, for most people, the main reason they come in is because they are craving some of that amazing popcorn they have on offer.  And boy, oh boy, do they have a lot of it! With over 30 flavors, Crave draws you in with the smell, locks you in with the taste and gets you addicted to the quality, freshness and adorable packaging.

Their two most popular flavors are Crave’s Fave – cheddar and caramel mixed together – and Dill Pickle.  But you can also get Movie Theater, Traditional Butter, and special flavors like Birthday Cake.

Whatever you’re in the mood for, there’s little to no doubt Crave has it on hand. And though they don’t want to divulge too many secrets, each flavor is artisan crafted and made in small batches. Fresh ingredients are used in all of their creations, and the popcorn is popped daily to ensure the highest quality and freshness possible.

The Store

Oh, the store! As soon as you walk into Crave, you feel like you have stepped into a forgotten time, and also a set at Disneyland. The items are abound, with t-shirts, aprons, knick-knacks for the home, bags of popcorn, birthday cards and more. There is not one square inch of this little shoppe that isn’t covered in something, and more than likely, something sweet. Both literally or slang-oriented!

Their sodas and much of their wrapped candy are old-fashioned in their packaging, fresh to eat, but makes it look as though they came straight out of the 1940s or ’50s. Some of the more modern merchandise is clever and witty. With kitchen towels, coffee mugs, candles and more to adorn your home with, there’s nothing here that can’t be of some use to the average consumer – even as a gift for someone else!

And speaking of gifts…they have party favors as well. Masks, birthday packaged popcorn and candy in baskets and tins, there’s a little something for every occasion.


Everything is Sweet


Though Carol may be the sweetest thing in the store, it’s her chocolate covered gummy bears that are all the rage. Aside of course from her popcorn. Like a kid in the candy store (literally) children come in eyes a wonder, looking for just the right bag of goodies to take away with them. A plethora of choices, you can find just about every type of candy your heart desires, and then some. There may even be a few items here and there you’ve never even heard of but are dying to try. And why shouldn’t you? Especially if you’re… craving it!



Why Come Here


Carol gives a very heartfelt response to why customers should choose her shop over other mainstream chains in the area.

“This little shop of mine is what makes my heart beat.  When you shop with us, you can be certain you are getting products that have a lot of heart behind them.” She adds that supporting small local business tends to make people feel good. She promises that people will love the popcorn and the service. And I for one can attest to that!

So what are you waiting for? You know you want to pop in and try some of their caramel popcorn. Maybe try some of their raspberry truffles. Or perhaps grab a candle that smells like buttered popcorn.  Whatever you like, it can all be yours when you stop in at Crave Popcorn, Co. in Plano, Texas! Just make sure that when you do, you let them know that Lisa sent you!