December 2021

Best Restaurant & Bar of the Month

There are few Italian restaurants around the United States that match up to a genuine authenticity of flavor, and even interior ambiance. Luckily for those in the greater Birmingham area, you will be met with such high standards of success when visiting Bellini’s Ristorante & Bar. (read more…)

Best Experience of the Month

Controversial. The woods. Back roads of rural Alabama. All of these things may sound scary and obscure, but they all have something in common and are not what they might seem. So is The Dixie General Store in Heflin, Alabama.  (read more…)

Cigars, cigarettes? Pipes, smoking tabacco? Need a little alone time away from the wife and kids? Vitola Fine Cigars in Birmingham, Alabama has a lot to offer, but the most unique and desirable of them all is the get away from it all vibe… (read more…)