Dr. Fish Spa Experience – Thira, Santorini, Greece

Have you ever had your feet eaten by fish? Neither had I before I came to Dr. Fish Spa Experience.  And an experience it was indeed…

The Fish Experience

While I had been under the false illusion that I would be getting a pedicure and massage in addition to this special and unique treatment, I was surprised that it was in fact just this treatment that I would be experiencing.  The fish experience, to be precise.

This peculiar and (at first) jarring treatment is something that has been around for approximately 200 years already, and was first discovered in Turkey.  Not too far from Greece. However, this is not where the owner, Kostas first learned about it. While living in Thailand many years ago, he found that the Thai people had adopted this special fish treatment, and decided he wanted to open up a shop in Greece doing the same.  And while he is the only fish spa in Santorini to offer such a unique experience, he started originally in Crete 10 years ago.

So what is this fish experience, you might ask? Fish, literally eat your feet. Your ankles to a part of your leg if you’ve got it far enough in the water for them to reach.  I screamed. A lot. And apparently, I’m not the only one.  Hordes of tourists flock to get their feet nibbled on by the teeny creatures that are dwelling in personalized tanks for each individual customer.

The process is a strange one, but apparently most effective.  After they clean your feet with some soap and super cold water, they put your feetsies in one of those tanks where the fish are waiting for you. Smaller than a gold fish, but feister than a Piranha (just not quite as dangerous), these acqua-dwelling beasts feed off your dead skin. Joy. Yes, they peck and gobble and basically tickle you all over until you have the smoothest, freshest skin imaginable.  But you won’t be thinking beauty while your feet are soaking in a tank full of fish feasting off your flesh.  Rather, you’ll be thinking about how these small serpent-resembling creatures are actually eating you!

Not Just Average Tourists Come Here…

But hey, I’m not the only one who came here. Apparently some time ago, Rihanna was spotted at this location, and the owner was honored to have her frequent the establishment. No kidding. I suppose if it’s good enough for Rihanna then…no. Sorry, it was still weird.

It’s not that I don’t recommend coming here, because I do.  The owner and his friendly staff will make you feel at home, and even give you some sangria if you buy the special package which allows for it.  Need help understanding the process? They have an explanation up on their wall in several different languages.

And if nothing else, coming here will give you a great story to tell your friends.  Yes, I was certainly not expecting my day to end the way it did. With this treatment, my feet had perpetual static electricity!

So what are you waiting for? Go check out Dr. Fish Spa Experience! And when you do, make sure to tell them Lisa sent you!