Frangipani Body Products – Indianapolis, Indiana

With so many all-natural, 100% organic, vegan-friendly, eco-friendly, and everything else sunshine and rainbows on the market these days, who can you trust? Some products market themselves as 100% organic and this leads us to believe it really is. Until we read the label and find out there’s actually a lot of other undesirable ingredients that go into making their “completely all-natural” skin care. Enter FrangiPani Body Products. A line so simple and straightforward, it’s hard to believe that it’s actually on the market, but luckily for you and I, it really is.



How I found Frangipani


One afternoon while roaming the aisles of Whole Foods in Northwest Indiana, I stopped to check out a demo that was underway. A nice lady informed me that her products were completely organic and all-natural and were specifically for people like me with skin issues. As I’ve mentioned in other articles on my website, and in some of my videos, I suffer from a chronic skin condition known as Seborrheic Dermatitis. Though most people get it either when they are infants or in their 40’s, I was one of the few lucky ones that developed it at the age of 24. Smack dab out of the blue one day, and it’s been a part of my life ever since.

Having tried all the household remedies you can think of, from sugar and honey facials, to aloe vera treatments, skin creams, rubs, oils – you name it, I’ve tried it. And though some work better than others, I’m always on the lookout for skin care products which are indeed 100% all-natural. My condition is particularly persnickety as certain chemicals will only exacerbate the problem, causing more of a flare-up and therein more of a painful error.

Traci was kind enough to select just the right product for me at the store, and I thought I would try it and give it a chance. I was immediately excited after trying one of her facial serums at home. It made my otherwise dry, flaky and painful skin smooth, soft and rejuvenated. I had to call her and find out more…




Meet Traci Land





I had the chance to sit down with Traci on her second trip up north from her base in Indianapolis, to find out more about her, the business and how she got started. Her story is just like any other person’s who has had personal experience with skin issues, and wanted to make a difference in the marketplace for people like she and I who were suffering, and also make a living while she was at it.

“I have always been interested in skin care.  Not long after I was diagnosed with Rosacea and my dermatologist gave me few treatments for my sensitive skin, I happened upon a book of skin care recipes in the waiting room of a spa.  I went home, bought the book online, and started experimenting.  I made a lot of bad lotion before I made good lotion,” she laughs.  “But it wasn’t long before I saw great results on my own skin.”

Having been diagnosed herself with Rosacea as I was with my Dermatitis, we found some common ground in hearing each other commiserate about how hard it is to find solid body products that don’t irritate the skin.



Her Skin Line



According to Traci, Frangipani includes face cleansers, face serums, hand and face moisturizers, body oils, and healthy balms. All Frangipani products are plant-based and certified cruelty-free.  Ingredients include steam distilled essential oils, cold pressed carrier oils, certified organic ingredients when available and economical, and are otherwise sourced from native regions.

“Customers who purchase Frangipani are usually really interested in what they eat and how they take care of their health.  Just like for their food, they appreciate the simple plant-based ingredient list, that the products last a long time, smell amazing and are simple to use,” Traci tells me. And something else customers will undoubtedly be happy to hear about is that Traci is certified by both Leaping Bunny and PETA.  They both do yearly checks to make sure her finished products as well as all of her suppliers/raw ingredients are never tested on animals. This, she says, is a very important part of Frangipani for her.

The most unique thing about her business is possibly the fact that she makes all of her products at home. A rarity indeed, but a testament that she’s so caring as to do it in her own personal space.

All of her prodcuts can be found and purchased online at:, and also at various natural food grocery stores around the Midwest. While you may not be in the greater Indiana area, you can still check out her website and grab some of her fab product there. And in case you need to see just how ample and terrific her selection of products are, make sure to watch the video I’ve created for you below.


But don’t think Frangipani is solely for those with problematic skin. On the contrary. Because of the organic and clean nature of Frangipani’s products, all are welcome to try and use this great skin care.

So what are you waiting for? You need to check out her website and try some of her amazingly fresh, totally unique and helpful body prodcuts today. Just make sure when you order them, you let her know Lisa sent you!