Photo taken in Santorini, Greece

We all know the yogurt, we all love the salad, and we have all dreamed of being on one of the country’s numerous beautiful and exotic islands. Greece is not just about the coffee, the views and the history, though. Even if that’s all a part of what makes the country so unique and special. Here you will find a list of wonderful things to eat, drink and where to sleep when you’re in one of the most picturesque places on earth!


Imagine being in the middle of a postcard. Imagine having one of the most iconic and world famous views right at your terrace.  Now imagine that you have all of this, and a luxury cave house to go with it. All of this is possible at Myblue Luxury Cave House in Oia, Santorini.  (read more…)

Stay in the midst of charm, elegance and luxury at the Dantelo Luxury Residence in Messaria, Santorini, Greece! (read more…)


Looking for a luxurious retreat in a private setting? Maybe you want something that’s in between a home and a hotel? Well, look no further than Luxury Living Apartments & Spa in Thessaloniki. Here, you will find that they take relaxation and service to a whole new level. (read more…)

Come spend a few days at a real Oasis: at Oasis Scala Beach Hotel in Agistri, Greece! (read more…)

Gaze in awe at the breathtaking view during sunset at The Athenian House, and marvel at their creative and new approaches to Greek cuisine! (read more…)

Get lost with Lisa at the coolest hostel in all of Greece! (read more…)


It’s been a long time since Café Bazaar opened in Christmas of 1991. A long time. And for any restaurant in the world to be open that long is a testament to their success. (read more…)

Come experience delicious food in a funky setting with some of the city’s friendliest staff! (read more…)


Looking for a chic place that offers casual ambiance and attire while in Oia? Why not try Thalami Resturant? They not only have fantastic customer service, amazing atmosphere, but terrific food! I should know…I tried it all…(read more…)


Hungry? Check out Blé Restaurant and Café in Thessaloniki, because they have all the food you’re looking for…(read more…)

Welcome to D’s Burgers, where you’ll find the friendliest staff in all of Santorini, terrific food and an amazing atmosphere! (read more…)

Have you ever wanted to lose yourself in the same Wonderland that Alice found herself in? I know I have! (read more…)

Cannula Restaurant brings Greek fare in the most traditional way…but at the lowest cost you’ll find in town. (read more…)

Get lost with Lisa at Faidimos restaurant in Thessaloniki, Greece! (read more…)

Gelato in the heart of Santorini…two of the most wonderful things at once. Does it get any better than this? (read more…)