Gueros Hair Salon – Praia da Vagueira, Portugal

Gueros Hair Salon

Want to feel beautiful? Really beautiful? Have you been surfing in the ocean for a few days and need that Atlantic aroma out of your hair? How about the longest, deepest, most relaxing scalp massage you’ve ever had in your life? Then maybe you should step into Gueros Hair Salon in Praia da Vagueira, where beauty is key and relaxation is a must.

The Owner

Having been in the business for 38 years now, owner Rosa has had Gueros Hair Salon for 16 years.  Beginning the trade at the young age of 15, she did her training in Venezuela decades ago.  With experience running other hair salons in the past, she knows what she’s doing and her skills are made visible while she blow dries my hair in 20 minutes flat.  A task which takes most professionals at least 40 minutes to do normally. Yeah, my hair is really, really thick.

Massages, Blow-Outs & Products – Oh, My!

With an incredible hair washer on staff, her employee gives you a thirty minute scalp massage really working in the shampoo, followed by a conditioner treatment with an intoxicating smell.  The scalp massage will be the best part of your day, that is until you get a fabulous blow-out by Rosa who will make you feel gorgeous before she’s even finished with you.  Top name brand hair care products for sale at the salon, you can find Wella among others at reasonable prices.  Sounds good to me.

Who wouldn’t want to stop in to see the woman who has made a name for herself around the small town? Her talents and reputation precede her, and for good reason.  Don’t believe me? Just take a look at the video I made for you guys, and see for yourself.

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Other services are on offer at Gueros Hair Salon.  With a manicurist and other beauty possibilities to investigate there’s no reason not to have a look at the best place in town. Now you’re convinced, no doubt, that Gueros is the only place to visit for your hair needs while in Praia da Vagueira.  So when you stop in to get that fantastic blow-out, make sure to tell them Lisa sent you!