Hard Rock Cafe – Porto, Portugal

It’s Hard Not To Love ‘the Rock

We all know the world famous American restaurant chain.  Many of us, if not most, have had the opportunity to dine at one or two or more throughout our lives.  We love the food, the atmosphere, and the entertainment. It’s the lively, buzzing atmosphere of the Hard Rock Cafe that brings us back time and time again.  And why shouldn’t we go back? With delicious menu options, jubilant staff and music that will make you dance while you’re in your seat, there’s no other place like HRC.

But what makes each and every HRC particularly unique is not just their individual collection of rock memorabilia. And while each and every place may have their own local dish or drink, the HRC of Porto has its own personality as well.

Typically local tiles grace the staircases and walls of the HRC in Porto, Portugal, so that while you feel like you’re in the U.S.A. with all the noise, smells and tunes, those gorgeous tiles remind you you’re a long way from home.

The Restaurant

The Hard Rock Cafe of Porto is proud to host three levels worth of guests.  Three very large levels, I might add. The ground floor offers brighter reds and blacks to make the perspective of the restaurant all the more sharp when you first walk in.  You’ll also find their gift shop to your left upon first entering HRC.  Turn right, and you’ll be in the main restaurant/bar area of the restaurant. If you’re having trouble finding an empty seat downstairs, that’s not surprising. The Hard Rock Cafe is usually full, particularly in the evenings, and there’s no mystery as to why – the food is incredible.

If you venture up to the first floor, you’ll find a decor much lighter and elegant than the first. Whites and blues all around, you’ll feel much more relaxed once you’ve had your martini at the bar.  For those who are in the mood to eat, make sure to get a seat near one of their large windows, which overlooks the streets of beautiful Porto.  A view you must see, once the whole city is lit up at night.

And if per chance you are a member of the VIP crowd, then you will most likely want to explore the restaurant’s top floor.   With a red-carpeted vibe, you will feel like a million dollars when you step into the highest level of the HRC Porto.

Cocktails & Dreams

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Life is great at Hard Rock Cafe, but most specifically because of the stellar cocktails they have on offer.  With dozens of different concoctions to choose from, their multi-talented bartenders can prepare just about anything you like.  The restaurant doesn’t just have some of the best cocktails in the whole country. Hardly.  Hard Rock Cafe Porto boasts a unique bar on each of their previously mentioned levels.  Whether you want  a drink right away, slowly make your way to the first floor, or have a drink at each bar (like I did), HRC wants to make you feel at home.
Make your dreams come true by indulging in some of the most delicious signature cocktails you’ve only ever seen in a Tom Cruise film.

Because…the Food…

It should come as no surprise that one of the main reasons everyone flocks to the Hard Rock Cafe in any city in the world, is because of the amazing food. And it’s not just any food – it’s American food.  The flavors of the good ole’ US of A can be safely found in any HRC around the world. And Porto, Portugal is no exception to that rule.   Though this location’s restaurant is no different in terms of menu, the only specialty that you will find here is their local burger. And, oh my God, you need to order this burger.  The burger itself is not only delicious, but the onions are marinated in port wine. Yes, it will have you weeping with delight.  Without a doubt, this is one of the best burgers to have ever graced any menu in any restaurant in all the world.  There is no excuse for not trying it.

Their fajitas? Absolutely incredible.  Their ribs…what can I say? It’s all delicious.  Perhaps my second favorite item of theirs, after  the world-class burger, is the Jumbo Combo. With a little bit (and I mean a lot) of each of their starters, you can try everything at once, to help soak up all those cocktails I had – I mean, you can have.

The Staff Are the Entertainment

There’s no other staff in the world quite like that of those who work for HRC.  With flamboyance, charm, smiles abound and never ending energy, the waitresses and bartenders at HRC are like none I’ve ever met. They are the friendliest, most personable, most show-stopping group of people you’ll have the opportunity of having wait on you. From singing happy birthday with a tambourine, to throwing bottles of booze up in the air while fixing your personalized drink, there is no limit to the entertainment when you walk into the Hard Rock Cafe.

Events are something the staff stay up late working on too.  Parties, concerts, and charity events are put on at the HRC, in great hopes of engaging both tourists and locals.  Having had a recent tribute to Queen, the restaurant was jam-packed full of patrons. Wanting to catch a glimpse of their Freddy look-alike dressed in drag, and handing out drinks, the restaurant had never been so full.  While you may not see Freddy again any time soon, rest assured there are other events in store in the future!

Prices & Location

While HRC is more expensive than the average restaurant in Porto, you’re paying a good price for a good restaurant.  With the entertainment, ambiance and delicious menu, there’s nothing at the restaurant you won’t walk away loving.  Well, maybe the fact that you have to leave…

The location is also ideal, which is another reason it’s worth the cost.  Located smack dab in the center of Porto, you’re close to everything you would want to be near. Famous sites, hotels, and more are just meters away from the restaurant.  The convenience is truly impeccable.

So what are you waiting for? There’s so much on offer at the Hard Rock Cafe Porto, don’t even entertain the idea of going anywhere else! Just make sure that when you do stop in, you let them know Lisa sent you!