Photo taken in Cedar Lake, Indiana

Indiana is one of the eight states that make up the Midwest. But there’s a lot more to this piece of America’s heartland than you might think. With  diverse accents from the North to South, it’s not just the intonations that change – so does the culture. And with the diversity in people comes a vast difference in cuisine as well. On this page you will find a wide selection of restaurants to visit the next time you’re in the Hoosier state!


With all the millions of Italian restaurants you could visit at any given time in the whole of the United States, why dine at Bar Bosco? Maybe it’s because it’s truly the best, and most authentic tasting Italian cuisine in the state of Indiana – perhaps even the whole country…
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Are you ready for the most delicious Bar-B-Q in Indiana? If you are, then get ready to head to the smallest dot on the map. Greencastle, Indiana may not have much but what it does have is the best southern sauce in the state and the friendliest and most welcoming owners you could ever meet. You’re not going to want to miss out on Olde Union Bar-B-Q the next time you’re in Indiana…(read more…)

If you’re like me and can’t get enough of the spicy delight of Indian cuisine, then you will most definitely want to check out Tandoor in Schererville, Indiana! The best Indian spot in Northwest Indiana – and quite possibly in the Midwest  – Tandoor will leave you feeling incredibly satisfied in all aspects of restaurant dining.  (read more…)


The Radius may be the coolest place in town, but it’s their eclectic menu and stellar cocktails that keep them circling!  (read more…)

Fifi's Lunch Box - Terre Haute, Indiana


You might be wondering where the best food in Terre Haute can be found.  It’s inside a tiny spot known as Fifi’s Lunch Box.  And while the location may be small, the portions and tastes are bigger than life! (read more…)


If you’re in the mood for the best hot dogs in Indiana, then you are definitely in luck. Stop in at Fort Wayne’s Famous Coney Island for some of the best wieners around! (read more…)

All of your favorite foods can be found in one place, but they’re all on a taco shell. Be it corn or flour, you can have your choice of just about any type of taco you can think of – and even some, you’ve never imagined possible! (read more…)

When in Nashville, Indiana where can one go to get some typically southern grub? Why the Nashville House of course! You better make sure you want some southern comfort as it were, because you’re going to feel down right country in every which way while here!  (read more…)

Step into the past and taste some of the best deli sandwiches this side of anywhere. You’ll find the atmosphere, flavors and old time hospitality at Papa’s Deli in Crown Point, Indiana! (read more…)

When class and elegance is hard to find in small town U.S.A., it’s important to hang on to the one place that has that going for it. Merrillville may be an unknown city in the Midwest, but Asparagus is a popular location for good reason…. (read more…)

In the heart of downtown Elkhart, Indiana, there’s a little tiny hole-in-the wall that has the yummiest health food for miles around. With a genuine heart to keep people healthy and their tummies happy, owner Jenny gives her place a warmth and coziness that most people lose sight of these days.

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Toast and Jam - Schererville, Indiana

Looking for some breakfast fare? How about breakfast all day long? How about in a really vibrant and unique location? Then you should probably check out Toast & Jam in Schererville, Indiana. With just about everything but the kitchen sink on their menu, there’s no chance you’ll go hungry here… 

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There’s a reason Corky’s is named “#1 on US Hwy 41”. It could be for their signature hot dogs, house burgers, or their chicken tender sandwiches. It could also be for their friendly and fast service. Or it could be because Corky’s is a conveniently delicious stop in between big city destinations. Whatever the case, Corky’s has been around for a long time to please and you don’t want to miss out on one of their tasty treats the next time you’re in or driving through Cedar Lake, Indiana.  (read more…)

Welcome to Kelly’s Kernels, where something is always popping!  (read more…)

While in Terre Huate, you may have a hankering for some great draft beer. In which case, the place you need to be is M. Mogger’s Restaurant & Pub! (read more…)

The Lighthouse in Cedar Lake Indiana doesn’t just have some delectable dishes on offer. They also have one of the most picturesque spots to gaze out upon while you’re sipping your signature cocktail or eating your fried calamari. So stop by The Lighthouse where you will discover great flavors, a lively atmosphere, with a chic vibe.

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