Isabel Castro Hair Salon – Aveiro, Portugal


Isabel Castro isn’t just your ordinary run-of-the-mill hair salon.  It’s an urban spa as well, and oh, so much more! With two floors dedicated to pampering and making you feel beautiful, Isabel knows what she’s doing, and so does her son, Nuno, the owner.

Let’s go back 54 years, which is when Isabel started her life-long career as a professional hair stylist.  15 years after that, she began her hair salon and the brand name: Isabel Castro.  It wasn’t until many years later that her son Nuno jumped into the field of beauty himself.  Having studied for 6 months at an institute in London, he came back to Portugal with a spring in his step and a brush in his hand.  Okay, I’m just being silly now.

He had not only mastered the art of hair in London at the trade school, but then worked with L’Oreal themselves for 9 consecutive years, becoming a real professional.

With three locations to brag about, the Isabel Castro name has picked up steam, and for very good reason.  Out of the three, the one I had the opportunity to visit has been open a whopping 11 years – which is no small feat for  any business these days.




And if you’re looking to make your day a lot less stressful, then perhaps you should carve out a little extra time in your schedule when you stop by Isabel’s.  Because Isabel Castro Urban Spa, is just that.   A spa.  With more than just hair styling on offer, you can get a massage, pedicure and more.  Just be aware that you will have to leave eventually – even if you  may not want to.



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Prices and Products

Prices? Glad you asked.  For those coming from the States or the UK the prices will seem like a steal here.  A blow-out, like the one I had done for me (and it was fabulous, if I may say) will run you 20 Euro.  This of course includes the shampoo and conditioning treatment. Need coloring treatment? 50 Euro is what you’re going to pay here. And if you’re just looking for a wash, dry and highlights, Nuno informs me the bill will be 65 Euro.  Very much in line with the rest of western Europe, for as elite a place Isabel is, the prices are very average.

Their products are of the highest quality, including L’Oreal (big surprise) which is 98% of what they work with and sell. And it’s not just hair products they sell.  With makeup on offer, even some soaps, you can find just about any girly item you need at Isabel Castro.

Kérastase is another big name they provide their clientele with if in the market for a trusted name.  In fact, Nuno lets me in on a little secret that they are introducing a new item which will be available for purchase this summer. A serum that is supposedly going to be a big seller. Can’t wait to get your hands on it?  Maybe you should head into Isabel Castro to pick some up.  And when you do, make sure to let them know Lisa sent you!