If you’re looking to get away from it all, and surround yourself in tranquility while on a remote island, then head to Procida.  (read more…)


Step into one of the best restaurants in all of Italy.  Your taste buds will be melting, your eyes will be drooling, and your stomach and wallet will be full! (read more…)

Have you ever wanted to know what it felt like to sleep in an art gallery? Book a room at Tribù Palazzo D’Angiò B&B in Naples and you might get to find out!(read more…)

At Antonio & Antonio you can have more than just pizza.  With seafood dishes, salads, and pasta, Antonio & Antonio offers you everything, including one of the most spectacular views from any restaurant in the city!  (read more…)



Be transported to another time and vibe when you step into Nu Lounge Bar! (read more…)


Innovative creativity and delicious results leave you speechless and in a good way, here at Antica Osteria Le Mura! (read more…)


Get ready to quench your thirst…and your hunger…all in one swig.  At Emporio 1920 they put jazz ambiance back in style and food in your cocktails. Yeah. For real.  (read more…)


Whether it’s apperitivo, lunch or a panino on the run you’re looking for, SaBo Salumeria will not disappoint! (read more…)

Don’t cross Ristorante Da Nello Al Montegrappa off your list by any means. They have some of the tastiest food in the whole city, and here’s a breakdown of what and why…(read more…)

Get lost with Lisa at Bononia Club in Bologna, Italy! (read more…)


At Pizza Artist their creative and innovative approaches to Pizza “alla Romana” will leave you floored with delight! (read more…)

Ranzani 13 - Bologna, Italy

Come in for the gourmet pizza. Be entranced by the Insalata Caprese. Stay for the burgers and cannoli! (read more…)

Get lost with isa at Tramvia in Casalecchio di Reno, Italy! (read more…)


No one goes home hungry at Trattoria Anna Maria – that’s just a fact! The owner makes sure of it…(read more…)

Low prices and high quality food, Cucineria beats out so many other places in Bologna! (read more…)

Master Beer may not be what you expect, and in a good way. While it’s located outside of the center of Bologna, and right next door to a supermarket, the restaurant itself is full of surprises! (read more…)

Get lost with Lisa at Café de la Paix in Bologna, Italy! (read more…)

There is certainly no shortage of pasta at Trattoria Caffè del Rosso…(read more…)

Welcome to Cuvee Cocktail & Fish Bar, where atmosphere is everything and cocktails are the garnish. (read more…)

Want something quick, tasty, cheap and maybe a bit stylish? Then you need to pop into Il Principe in Centro while you’re in the center of Bologna. (read more…)

It’s not exactly a pizzeria…and it’s not exactly a restaurant…but it is a whole lot of fun! (read more…)

Get lost with Lisa at Roberto Bistro in Bologna, Italy! (read more…)

Ristorante Pizzeria Il Portico has a few things to offer that you might be very excited to hear.  (read more…)

Get lost with Lisa at the historic Hosteria Carducci in Modena, Italy! (read more…)



Want the most relaxing and welcoming experience in possibly all of Italy? Then head to La Locanda B&B in San Martino al Cimino, where you’ll feel like a part of the family before you know it! (read more…)

Anyone on a diet needs to stay far away from Da Saverio Ristorante & Pizzeria. The smells, tastes and textures will keep you at the table for days – no exaggeration! (read more…)



There are tons of apartments and loads of hotels in Lake Como. So why stay at Bellagio Pescallo Guesthouse? So many reasons, not the least of which is the incredible view you’ll be getting. Click here to learn more…

La Fontana Bellagio Ristorante Pizzeria has everything you could ask for.  An 80s atmosphere, traditional Italian dishes you almost never see on menus throughout the country, and a great location.  When dining in Bellagio, there’s really no better choice than La Fontana!  (read more…)



Want a little luxury while staying in the small, sleepy town of Campobasso? Then look no further than La Terrazza B&B! (read more…)


For a little bit of luxury and style in the heart of Campobasso, head to Essentia Show Restaurant. There, they’ll take you on an unforgettable food odyssey which will be delivered to you with utmost class and taste. And oh what a taste!  (read more…)


Welcome to Foodland, where you’ll find the most delicious burgers and pizza in Molise – and possibly in all of Italy! (read more…)

Have a sweet tooth? In the mood for something dolce in the middle of the afternoon? You’re not alone. That’s why Coffee Bella House was created, to satisfy all those sugar kicks you’re looking to please.
Just be careful though – you might end up with a sugar overload walking in here  (read more…)

For the best gelato around, make sure to stop in at Gelateria Terrazze Miranda in Campobasso. They put the taste in fantastic!  (read more…)


What do you get when you combine old world charm with modern amenities and living? You get Alla Niviera B&B in the unforgettable town of Adelfia! (read more…)


You’ll never want to leave Torquemada Beach Club… for so many different reasons!  (read more…)

Get lost with Lisa at the Domatia B&B in Barletta, Italy! (read more…)

For a fine dining experience unlike one you’ve ever had before, make sure to spend an evening at Ristorante Bacco (read more…

For a medieval ambiance and a superb taste you won’t find anywhere else in Barletta, head to Al Tetuccio Ristorante & Pizzeria! (read more…

Looking for something quick, delicious and super economical while in Barletta? Definitely stop in to PucciAre then, where you will find convenience, taste and quality all in a delicious bite! (read more…)

Welcome to Bora B&B, where the views will blow you away, the comfort will keep you staying extra days, and where the captivating town’s history and charm hasn’t faded away…(read more…)

Ever been to a gintoneria? You know, where they produce and then serve gin? And basically, only gin? No? Then why not head to Troia, the tiny village in northern Puglia, where you will find the only gintoneria in the area. And trust me, if you’ve never been into gin, you will be after coming here!  (read more…)

Get lost with Lisa at New Livingstone Pub in Troia, Italy! (read more…)



Get lost with Lisa at Nini Vineria in La Maddalena, Italy! (read more…)

When you combine class and casual dining you get Ristorante Magreta!  (read more…)


If you’re looking for fantastic gelato while on the archipelago of La Maddalena, there’s no place better than La Finestrella! (read more…)

If you’d like an unbeatable location while staying on the unforgettable island of La Maddalena, then stay at La Siesta B&B! (read more…)


Ever wanted to stay in a castle? How about a fortress? Pretend you’re a princess presiding over a land of subjects below you? (read more…)

Step inside a typically cliché Tuscan style osteria, where the food smells just as good as the wine tastes!  (read more…)


Paradise is in Tuscany, and it’s probably in a spot you didn’t even know existed…(read more…)

Some people start a business with ideas of turning a profit. Others start a business with love, passion, talents, and most of all, creativity.  (read more…)


Step into a historical building from the 16th century, where you have the most incredible view awaiting you.  Unique glasses of Prosecco, delicious appertivo and local dishes all exist here at the Ristorante Pisanino at the historical Palazzetto Pisani in Venice. (read more…)