Johnny Rodriguez Hair Salon – Plano, Texas

Sophistication, elegance, and style can be said about one hair salon in northwest Plano, Texas. Johnny Rodriguez is the place to be if you are someone who considers a good hairstyle a priority and want the magic touch. Come and see for yourself just what kind of transformation can be done on you too!


The Vibe

It’s not just the personable and courteous welcome a new client or loyal devotee have when walking into Johnny Rodriguez’s salon – it’s much more than that. It’s the precise attention and detail that is given to each of his clients and what they are in need of or looking for in a new style. Getting to know them, learning about their daily life and how they imagine their look to be – all of this has a purpose. With the amount of knowledge Johnny and his team have at their disposal about their guest, he is able to form an idea and image of what to create.

But 59 year old Johnny doesn’t execute his genius and talent all on his own. With the help of his 28 member staff and colleagues, he is a master at orchestrating the perfect look in a harmonious balance.

All done in a top-end salon, the environment is chic, fab and spacious. Ample seating for dozens of clients at once, the lobby is chock-full of shampoos, and other hair potions for sale. Not to mention jewelry, hair accessories and even some makeup can be purchased while waiting to get your new do.

My New Look

Take my experience at Johnny Rodriguez for example. While I already had a style, cut and color that I loved from my previous hairstylist, Johnny completely transformed me into a new woman. Giving him details about my work, my travel lifestyle and the type of person I am, he hit the nail on the head when saying he wanted to give me a sophisticated but convenient to handle haircut.

Something that would be fabulous even when I would dry it myself at home. Though seemingly incomprehensible that that would ever happen – it did. The hairstyle I was given was not just stunning after Johnny did the blow out at the salon, but has been one of the easiest, and most beautiful styles I’ve ever worked with at home on my own. Not an easy task with hair as naturally frizzy, wavy and curly as mine. And the products they used to help eliminate that frizz and add shine?  Brazilian B3 treatment to seal the cuticle, add shine and eliminate frizz.

Prior to Johnny actually setting out on the cut though, his colleague Bethany did an amazing job on my balayage. A separate gal to shampoo and do a special conditioning treatment followed, and finally Johnny  took the reigns by cutting, spraying and blow drying my voluminous hair. Not convinced this was one of the most intricate and carefully crafted hairstyles I’ve ever had done? Why not take a look at the video I created for you all below, and see for yourselves…


How It All Happened

Talent has to have a genesis, and Johnny’s began in middle school.

After having grown up with uncles owning their own salons and being around entrepreneurs, it wasn’t hard to find his calling at a young age. Active in the hair industry for 33 years now, and going strong, Johnny began working in the field by assisting his uncles in their shops at the tender age of only 12 years old.

Working with Allen Stone, his main mentor in the hair world, he was a part of the Sassoon team and Johnny’s first mentor. From there he worked with a variety of different French and British hairdressers over the years, and traveled back and forth to New York for a whopping 9 years during his training.

The Salon

Johnny Rodriguez is owned by the man himself, Lily Steffes and Patrick Steffes. The three run two different locations within the greater Dallas area, and are typically busy every day  of the week with steady business. Not too shabby in this turbulent economic time.

And with all this business, surely Johnny comes up with new techniques, secrets of the trade and exciting new products he’s anxious to try on his clients.

“A lot of hairdressers like to approach things from a technical standpoint or a free flowing perspective. I like to start out with a precision foundation and then incorporate the freestyle aspects towards the end of the cut. But not afraid to incorporate both if need be during the process the whole way through the cut,” Johnny tells me. He also expresses that his favorite aspect of doing hair is helping people to feel better about who they are and how they look. An important element when working in beauty, naturally.


Services & Products

Johnny Rodriguez Hair Salon offers haircuts and hair color, Brazilian and keratin treatments, Micro Blading, massages, make up and special event hair.

They also have an array of products that will leave your hair smelling and feeling like a million bucks. Luckily, they don’t cost that much. You can walk out of the salon with some merchandise, as did I, making sure your hair will always look just as amazing as it did while at the salon. Such products include:



B3 Treatments

Brazilian products

Johnny explains the process in how they find just the right style for their client.

“We pride ourselves on taking time to getting to know the client’s desire.

We then make sure that we’re working not just on what the client wants but what is going to look best with their facial structure, hair texture, integrity of the hair and lifestyle.

A lot of new hairdressers especially just give the client what they are asking for even if it’s not the best cut or color for that client.” And while the old adage does go, ‘the customer is always right’, perhaps in this case what they want and what will make them happy in the end can sometimes be two separate things. Thankfully, Johnny takes his time, is patient, listens and then explains the client’s best options for the best hair style.

Why Visit

“As far as products and tools everything is important and we retail all of the tools that we use. From shampoo conditioner styling products, blow dryers and  brushes.

There is not a one-size-fits-all mentality with us. Everything is specific to their clients’ needs and lifestyle,” Johnny mentions, again, bringing home the idea that the customer’s contentment is utmost in their philosophy.

Finally, Johnny adds,

“We have an amazing team of artists here who have learned from different parts all over the country. We don’t just teach our philosophy to our stylist, rather, we incorporate knowledge from all over and try to embrace it and make it part of our own.” He continues with acknowledging that this is key in learning, and helpful in the process of continuing to grow and evolve in any industry.

So what are you waiting for? You know you want your hair smelling incredible, feeling fantastic and making you look and feel fabulous yourself. The upscale salon Johnny Rodriguez at Legacy West in Plano, Texas is waiting for you…you just have to call and make an appointment. And when you do, make sure to let them know that Lisa sent you!