June 2019

Best Accommodation of the Month:

The best hotel in Europe can be found in the far northwest of Portugal.  The name? Hotel Porta do Sol. Why is it the best? read  more to find out…

The Évora Inn Guesthouse - Évora, Portugal

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Best Food & Wine of the Month:

The best meal in Portugal can be found in the charming and tucked away town of Évora.  From their appetizers to their entrées, to their fabulous wines, it’s all here at Tábua do Naldo!(read more…)

Best Cocktails of the Month:

The greatest cocktails, friendliest person and most delicious guacamole in all of Portugal can be found at Má Ideia.  How do I know? Because I explored the whole country for a month. While Má Ideia may mean “bad idea”, the expression is far from the truth. In fact, coming to ‘Ideia’ is just the opposite – it’s a great idea! (read more…)

Best Experience of the Month:

Waves crashing.  The wind blowing in your hair.  The sensation of neoprene stuck to your body by the cold wet Atlantic. And the rush of surfing across those majestic white waves.  The whole experience can be purchased, but the memory is priceless.(read more…)

Best Hair Salon of the Month:

Isabel Castro isn’t just your ordinary run-of-the-mill hair salon.  It’s an urban spa as well, and oh, so much more! (read more…)