Kate Hair Kingdom – Thessaloniki, Greece

Kate Hair Kingdom is a magical place where anything you want done to your hair can happen…just watch…


Kate Hair Kingdom may not be in the city center of Thessaloniki, but I personally like that. Set apart from the hustle and bustle of the city (and the much higher prices geared to tourists) is sometimes a plus.  The staff is generous, happy and friendly.  With skilled talent in all of their treatments and services, Kate Hair Kingdom is a relaxing and comfortable environment.  Whether you’re waiting on their soft couches, or getting your hair dried after a wash, you’re made to feel special.

Kate, the owner has others on staff who are just as creative and talented as she is, doing amazing work.

When I was at Kate Hair Kingdom, I went in for a simple wash and dry. When I walked out, I felt like a new woman. The style Kate gave me may have looked like a million bucks, but the good news is that it doesn’t cost that much.

And did I mention they have some great products for sale there too? Yeah, many.  Make sure to pick some up while you’re in the shop getting your hair done the way only they can do it for you. They also use some special hair color which looks intriguing…

It’s really no surprise you’re booking your flight to Thessaloniki right now to get your hair done.

And while you’re scheduling your appointment at Kate Hair Kingdom, make sure to tell them Lisa sent you!