Kelly’s Kernels – Cedar Lake, Indiana

Welcome to Kelly’s Kernels, where something is always popping!



Kelly and Her Kernels




In the spring of 2021 a new business opened its doors to the sleepy town of Cedar Lake, Indiana. Kelly’s Kernels. What they brought to the table was something more than your standard tub of popcorn. With a variety of over 85 different flavors of popcorn to choose from, there’s no shortage of something delicious at your fingertips when you walk in.

But it’s not just popcorn that Kelly has cooked up for her guests. The shop is a nod to a time forgotten with retro candy, 1940s style décor, and even costume jewelry galore for sale. With a little bit of everything in her tiny ‘pop shop’ it’s the cozy welcome and friendly ‘how do you do’ that she offers which makes her regulars feel more like family and friends rather than customers.

Prior to opening the humble shop, she and her husband had different lives than they do now. Her husband Dan worked as a warehouseman for 18 years for GE. And Kelly has a 13-year ride with Family Dollar before taking the big plunge and opening her own little spot in Cedar Lake.

The Shop


The 48 and 50-year olds are living life on the easy side now, catering to locals in the area who are looking for a pleasant morning or afternoon popcorn fix  and sending the kiddos off with some sugary delights. Having opened the business to do something fun for herself and the community, Kelly is delighted with the success she has seen in less than 1 year of being open.

“We pride ourselves on giving our customers a fun and happy environment and making them our number one priority,” Kelly says. She adds, “We have the lowest prices in town.” Which makes anyone all the more eager to stop in and grab some of the deliciousness they have on offer, and even some of their other knick-knacks.  


Something’s Popping


My experience at Kelly’s Kernels was indeed a fun one. With a never ending tasting menu of different flavored popcorn, each one set my tastebuds ablaze. Creative, fun, and laid-back, Kelly’s Kernels is a bright spot in anyone’s day and no one should miss out on the experience while in the area.

So the next time you’re in Cedar Lake, make sure you stop in to Kelly’s Kernels to try one of their amazing popcorn flavors, or grab one of their unique items at the shop. I’m definitely loving the apron Kelly made herself, and nibbling on the popcorn and candy I went home with.

Just make sure that when you do stop in to Kelly’s Kernels, you let them know that Lisa sent you!