La Fontana Bellagio Ristorante Pizzeria – Bellagio, Italy

La Fontana Bellagio Ristorante Pizzeria has everything you could ask for.  An 80s atmosphere, traditional Italian dishes you almost never see on menus throughout the country, and a great location.  When dining in Bellagio, there’s really no better choice than La Fontana!

Welcome to La Fontana


Opened in June of 2013, the owners of La Fontana (who just happen to be brothers), have been pleased with the success they’ve seen in the short 6 and a half years since its inception.  Having previously worked in the restaurant industry already, they know what they’re doing.  With two previous restaurants in Miami Beach and San Francisco respectively, the two savvy businessmen spent many years stateside to pursue their childhood dream of owning restaurants together. Getting burnt out working 365 days a year, they decided to move home to Italy and try their hand at a typically Italian restaurant in the north. And Bellagio was the perfect place to set up shop.

Though they had spent time focusing on international cuisine, going to classic Italian was a great choice. Now with longer breaks during the year, they’re able to prepare for each new wave of tourists who bustle into their restaurant during the high seasons. Open from the beginning of March until November, La Fontana Bellagio offers guests some of the best food you’ve been looking for while wandering around Italy.

The Atmosphere

With a warm and very 80s vibe, the restaurant transmits the sense of feeling very causal and laid-back but with a panache of sophistication under the surface.  Come in casually dressed if you like, but don’t be surprised to see elegant attire either.  After all, Bellagio is an upscale town with some very upscale tourists and locals.

Seating both inside and outside are available, and of course near the outdoor patio, there is a fountain, which is more than likely from where the name comes.

While the men have always served their customers well no matter where they do business, they note that they have brought back the American concept of how to treat guests the right way.

Now onto the Food…

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Obviously the best part of La Fontana is their food. And I’m happy to report, I tried all of their classics for you.  Just to make sure it was safe, of course. Good news, it’s better than okay – it’s fantastic.

Eating probably the most stereotypically Italian meal of my entire 6 weeks in the country, I ordered lasagna, cannelloni and pizza that day.  And yes, I was stuffed by the end of lunch.  Even if I took the majority of it home with me, even the few bites of each thing fill you up – because it’s plentiful and you are totally getting your money’s worth!

The lasagna.  Wow. It was hands down one of the top 3 lasagnas I’ve ever had in all of Italy. Even the way they baked it was interesting. But even more fascinating was the way they prepared it.  Before you cringe, just be open to the possibility that the taste was unique and delicious – albeit a bit heavy.  Cooked not only with red wine, the dish had some beer in it too, which was a new one on me. But hey, creativity can sometimes lead you to the best places, and not the craziest.

Number two on the list was their cannelloni.  Just like the way mom use to make it – it had a flavor that transported me back to my childhood.  Stuffed with ricotta and spinach, the sauce and the pasta will blow you away before you’ve even finished the first bite.

And the pizza? Well the pizza is a popular item at this restaurant, which should come as no surprise.  With approximately 12 different types of the famous pie, there are certainly enough options for you to have your fair share of the famous pie that was invented in this vast land.

In addition to pizza and pasta, there are also other specialties to try.  Because everything they have on offer is special.  With an array of different pasta dishes, either meat or seafood, there’s nothing you can go wrong with.

Why You Should Visit

La Fontana is super convenient for those staying in the center of Bellagio, as it’s right there. They stress the importance of offering 5-star service to their guests.  Staff is always making sure their customers are well taken care of and satisfied before leaving.  The point of La Fontana is to have a relaxing lunch or dinner in a special environment with the most delicious food in town.

And although Bellagio is a popular tourist destination, it’s not just foreign tongues you’ll hear while visiting the popular establishment. It’s also a lot of Italian tourists that come in as well. Which just goes to show the quality of the food is at a high standard.

But don’t take my word for it.  Check out some reviews written about La Fontana, on websites like TripAdvisor or Yelp. Better yet, why not visit them yourself, the next time you’re in fancy Bellagio? And when you do stop in, make sure to let them know that Lisa sent you!