Má Ideia Craft Beer Bar & Restaurant – Aveiro, Portugal

The greatest cocktails, friendliest person and most delicious guacamole in all of Portugal can be found at Má Ideia.  How do I know? Because I explored the whole country for a month. While Má Ideia may mean “bad idea”, the expression is far from the truth. In fact, coming to ‘Ideia’ is just the opposite – it’s a great idea!

The Start of Greatness

In June of 2018 Má Ideia opened its doors to the public, and so far, they’ve had terrific reception. Especially from me, their now favorite customer. But I’m getting sidetracked. At 16, the assistant manager and owner’s girlfriend, Daniela, began working in the restaurant industry. With her mother owning and running a coffee shop, she has had been exposed to the food world for many years at this point, making her a pro in the field. The owner Bruno, relies on his right hand lady to help him with all the ins and outs of  the business, including customer service.

Recipes & Prices

Daniela came up with the menu herself, inventing the majority of the recipes, with the exception of her mother’s traditional codfish.  With an Irish-based influence, Má Ideia gives you a plethora of options at the most affordable cost in town.

With the most expensive dish being 7 Euro, anyone and everyone can afford to eat here, and the portions are quite plentiful.  In the mood for some Portuguese fare? This is the place to come.  What about some creative takes on traditional foods? Done.  Mexican? Yes, please. They have the best guacamole as I mentioned above, some out of this world Mexican lasagna, and more.


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Best Cocktails in Portugal

And have I mentioned the cocktails? Oh, the cocktails. One was better than the other. I had two and they are both now officially known as Coquetel de Lisa.  Make sure you order either the orange or the pink. Either way you won’t go wrong.  And while I’m a cocktail  aficionado, it’s not so much the cocktails they focus on at Má Ideia. Rather, their specialties are the beers. Given that it’s in the name, their craft beers are popular with the crowds, and so is their super laid-back environment.  Somewhat reminiscent of some hole-in-the-wall joint you might find in the back alleys of Portland, OR, Má Ideia is casual, and friendly.

What’s the biggest draw of Má Ideia though? Is it the cheap eats, great quality of food, or the friendly and personable people waiting to greet you? It could be the great music that they play the whole time you’re there.  Or possibly, it could be the sports they have playing on television for that average Joe who just wants a glass of beer and some guac with chips. Or maybe, it’s all of these things combined.

Whatever the reason, it’s not a bad idea to stop in at Má Ideia.  And when you do, make sure to tell them that Lisa sent you!