MAI DI Lunedi – Casalecchio di Reno, Italy

Stefania, the owner and head hairstylist, will transform you into the ideal version of yourself…

Meet the Miracle Worker

Transform yourself by stepping into MAI Di Lunedi – but never on a Monday. Clever of me, I know. The name of the salon is loosely translated “Never on Monday”. Get it now?  The shop’s owner has been working hard for the last 4 years making a name for herself. And she’s succeeded. In the fairly sleepy suburb of Bologna, Casalecchio di Reno, MAI DI Lunedi services customers of all ages. They also leaving you feel beautiful and very happy.

Stefania, who acts not only as the owner but also as the head hairstylist at the salon, is professional, courteous, and above all else, molto simpatica! She will take you on a hair journey that is unlike any other.

She’s Got the Look

My hair odessy began with coloring, followed by highlights, and then the most glorious haircut I think I’ve ever had in my life. The blow-out though was one in a million. The before photo of myself looks like some troll crawling out of a swamp, while the after is reminiscent of a Claudia Schiffer pose. Those are the types of miracles that Stefania performs here. 

Before: The swamp troll

Beauty rendering…

After: Kate Upton’s double

Little doubt is left in my mind as far as what kind of talents she possesses, since I’ve seen her in action.

True to European form, Stefania began working hard, young. Honing in on her talents at the tender age of 16, it wasn’t until 2015 when she had the opportunity to start up MAI Di Lunedi. While her traffic is fairly consistent with regulars coming in weekly for their blow-outs, she also gets the odd tourist here and there that wanders in from the center of Bologna.

Since the first year of her business she’s seen a good 30-40% increase in clientele, and she is not complaining about that fact. No easy feat for a young business, and in such a small area no less. While Stefania has many talents, her specialty are the cuts – and I would agree. Her favorite thing to do? Coloring and highlighting. She loves to experiment and come up with new designs and creations for people, and we can see why after the way she used me as her clay. Her most common request however are the blow-outs, and I’m not surprised at all. She’s an absolute genius with that dryer.

Prices & Services

If you’re looking for an expensive shop, this isn’t it, but if you’re looking for Super Cuts’ prices, you won’t find that here either. She’s middle of the road, to a bit high. A blow-out will run you around 20 Euro, while highlights range between 25-60 Euro depending on how much you want done.

All of her products are Italian made, and she prides herself on the products’ quality she uses and sells to her clients.

“I think we are very talented, and we have very reasonable prices….we are also very kind. We give great service to our customers by offering drinks like coffee and tea. We take care of our customers here,” she says humbly.

“The only way to do a good job is to love what you do”

Need your nails done while you’re at the salon? No problem. They have a manicurist on staff who will take care of you while your hair color is setting. And I have to say, the hand massages I saw some of the other customers getting did look pretty dang relaxing.

Not convinced by what you just read? Take a look at the video below to view the amazing creation Steafania made of me while I was there.

Now that you’re getting ready to call to book your appointment, don’t forget to let her know Lisa sent you!