Modern Thai Spa & Bodywork – Richardson, Texas

Nina, the owner of Modern Thai Spa & Bodywork

What’s so great about Modern Thai Spa & Bodywork? Oh, nothing. Just the fact that it’s the greatest massage you will ever have in your life! Make sure to read on to find out why Modern Thai Spa is the place to go when you can’t move!

The Owner & The Spa

Meet Nina, the owner and operator of Modern Thai Spa & Bodywork in both Richardson and Frisco, Texas. Hailing from Thailand herself, she has been in the spa business for many years now. Having previously owned Healthy Thai for 5 years, she now focuses all of her time and energy on her two local businesses.

Studying Thai massage therapy for nearly a decade, the Thai masseuse is not only business savvy but friendly and strong (both physically and emotionally).

With a great attitude in her hiring practices and in her client relations, Nina allows her guests to feel welcome, relaxed and completely at ease before, during and after their massages. While she does execute some of the massages herself, she lets her trained staff handle the majority of her bookings.

The First Massage

My first experience at Modern Thai was at their Richardson location, two weeks before I would go to their spa in Frisco. While humble and on a slightly smaller scale than their Frisco spot, their Richardson spa is relaxing, a bit luxurious in style of their rooms, and even had a steam shower for after the treatment.

My back had been in agonizing pain for the past three or four months prior to coming here, and once Nina had her way with me before the end of my treatment, I was a new woman. But I’m getting ahead of myself.

The massage started out with my very petite and friendly massage therapist walking along my back, holding on to the metal beams over her head. The ancient art and practice is not new to the world, but just to me, as this was my first time trying such a treatment. I liked it. But most especially when she could get my back to pop. Who else out there loves that feeling and sound? It’s delicious.

Why It was the Best

And the bed? The bed that I was on was one of the most amazing mattresses I’ve ever been on. I would have been perfectly content to sleep there in the spa after the massage. It was night time, so why not? I was informed that the mattress is made from memory foam, and this is why you will never want to leave the spa. An unforgettable massage on top of an unforgettable mattress.  What else could you ask for?

Following this section of the massage, she then massaged in a rather deep tissue style, getting as many of the knots, ties, bows and everything else that was making my tension and pain all the more tight.

The end of course is the most soothing, with light touches and soft massages across the body, until Nina came in and destroyed every cell in that aching part of my back. She beat whatever pain I had, into submission. Fearful of her wrath, the pain has not dared come back – four weeks later.

Finally, after my 60+ minute massage was complete, I was shown the steam shower in the luxurious room where I’d been given the massage. I was told to sit on the stool in the shower and wait for the steam to rise. I did as I was instructed, and the calming steam was all the more relaxing, and drug-like after the powerful calm that had already taken over my body.

The Frisco Location

Frisco was waiting for me two weeks after my initial introduction to the greatest massage in the world.  And I should know. I’ve had massages in a total of five countries. Well, it seems like more because of all the cities. But, I digress.

Modern Thai Spa & Bodywork in Frisco is only a tiny bit bigger than their Richardson location, but with one very important added bonus.   The foot bath. Ah yes, for those who are not familiar with a foot bath, it is the greatest welcoming tool ever invented. And leave it to the Asians to come up with something so terribly enchanting as this form of friendly offering. Upon arrival, you are taken to an area of the corridor where they take off your shoes and socks for you, and slip your feet ever so gently into a warm wash basin, where, while on their hands and knees, delicately wash and massage your feet.

Just writing about it makes me feel relaxed. What about you? Not only that, but while you are getting this unforgettable foot bath/massage, they have placed some herbal Thai tea by your side to sip on to help you relax all the more. Indulgence is definitely the key word here. Finally, the gal at your feet puts on some house sandals for you, and leads you into your private room where you are about to have another fantastic massage of your choosing.

The Second Massage

This time around, I knew that I wanted something different, since they offer so many options as far as services go. I went with a combo of a deep-tissue massage and a hot oil stone massage.  I don’t know which one I liked more, but if pressed, I’d have to go with the hot oil stone massage. It was incredible!

For those out there on the fence about a hot oil stone massage if you’ve never had one, to quote Nike – just do it!  The hot oil alone is worth the experience, as it is relaxing and warm and with the pressure added to it with the hot stones, you will never want to get up from the bed you are on.

My masseuse in Frisco was even stronger than Nina, which I didn’t think was possible.  She spent extra time getting all the knots out of different parts of my body, and didn’t leave the room until I told her to. Now that’s commitment to your work!

Need convincing of her talents? Make sure to watch the video below, to see what I’m talking about.

Services & Prices

Yes, these are the best massages I’ve ever had.  And yes, the best massages in the world do not come free. While their prices might be a little high for some out there, don’t even hesitate. If you’re in writhing pain as I was, there is little to no reason not to get yourself healed. Starting around the $100 mark and rising, depending on the treatment you would like, the cost should be indifferent to those looking for the best quality of massage out there.

The therapists are professional, extremely kind and amazingly talented at what they do. I repeat, they will make sure you are fixed before walking out the door.  And that’s a testament to their dedication to pleasing the customer.

Their services range from hot stone massages, deep tissue massages, traditional Thai massages, to modern Swedish massages. These are just a few of the massages they offer, though. To get a full scope of everything they have at the spas, make sure to check out their website.

When asked why she opened Modern Thai, Nina says it’s because she wanted to help people who are in pain. If we’re talking strictly about me, she’s done her service, and well!  I can’t wait to go back to Modern Thai Spa & Bodywork in the future. Either location, anytime. It was an amazing experience both times.  I can only imagine that the next time I stop in, it will be just as incredible!

Why Wait? With two stylish, clean and modern locations servicing the greater Dallas area, this is the place to come when in need of a relaxing or healing massage. Make sure that when you stop in though, you let them know that Lisa sent you!