Myblue Luxury Cave Houses – Oia, Santorini, Greece

Imagine being in the middle of a postcard. Imagine having one of the most iconic and world famous views right at your terrace.  Now imagine that you have all of this, and a luxury cave house to go with it. All of this is possible at Myblue Luxury Cave House in Oia, Santorini.

Meet the Owner

Louanna Mantheakis has been operating her 8 units in Santorini for the past 11 years, and it wasn’t just a random idea to rent out vacation homes on the famous island.  A dream of hers for many years, Louanna sold her property in Tanzania to invest in this endeavor.  An endeavor that has since 2008, made her very happy and proud.

She is without a doubt a very generous owner, and a very welcoming one at that. Her philisophy is to ensure that people have an unforgettable and unique experience while staying at her properties.  And there is no question that that is what happens when staying here.

Welcoming people from all over the world annually, she sees that the majority of her clientele come from the U.S.. While her high season is between July and August, this does not mean that she doesn’t see tourists the rest of year.

Luxury at Its Finest

I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to stay at one of her properties called Island Blue.  Island Blue, as she puts it, “…is like being in the middle of a postcard.” And that is exactly what it’s like.

With the famous blue-domed Orthodox churches right beneath the lower terrace, you are smack dab in the center of every picture you have ever seen of the famous village.  Did you catch that, by the way? Yes, I said a lower terrace. I mean, there is an upper terrace as well. Complete with sunbeds to work on your Greek tan while you’re on the island, the upper terrace is ideal for photos. Not that the lower terrace isn’t suitable for eye-catching pictures as well.

  • Welcome to My Blue!

But it isn’t just the view that will leave you spellbound when you come to Island Blue. It’s also the incredible jacuzzi which takes up an entire room inside the cave house.  Yes, indulge in the serene escape of soaking in bubbling hot water with an iluminated blue ceiling. And if you want a more romantic and intimate setting, feel free to light all the candles (as I did) all around the tub.

And if you’re not interested in the incredible jacuzzi, perhaps you fancy rinsing off in cave shower. That’s right – a cave shower. A shower that looks like it’s been embedded in a cave.  Well, after all, we are at a cave house. The shower was reminiscent of something you might expect the Flintstones to use, but with a touch of luxury. Right down to the aromatic scented body washes that they have waiting for you in the shower, all the details at Myblue have the most sophisticated touch.

The bath towels are monogrammed, soft and color-schemed to match the whole layout of the home. The bed and mattress? Don’t worry, you’ll sleep like a dream. Speaking of dreams, have I mentioned the view from the kitchen? Looking right out the kitchen windows to those famous blue-domed churches, and to the vast Mediterranean Sea, making toast has never been so relaxing.

The kitchen is also fully prepared for your stay at Myblue. With complimentary bread to make toast in the morning, there are jams, bottles of water, and juice for your convenience. There is nothing more enjoyable than sitting out on the terrace in the morning with your coffee or tea and admiring one of God’s most glorious scenes.

And the location? Well, obviously we know that the view couldn’t be better.  But the location itself is also the best you could want or ask for. Right in the center of Oia, you only have to walk a few hundred feet, or a few hundred steps (just kidding, but kind of not) to get to shops, restaurants and more.

So what are you waiting for? Book your cave house today and make sure to tell them Lisa sent you!