Photo taken in Caminha, Portugal

From the northern climate and Spanish border, to the Tuscan-like scenery of the Alentejo region, Portugal is diverse in landscape, cuisine and city life. In a country of which its size (including its islands) is just slightly smaller than Indiana, people are extremely friendly, wine out of this world delicious, and travel a must! Here you will find a plentiful list of exceptionally great places to visit while you are in this idyllic country.

Viana do Castelo


The best hotel in Europe can be found in the far northwest of Portugal.  The name? Hotel Porta do Sol. Why is it the best? Read more to find out! 


Get lost with Lisa at the Hard Rock Cafe in Porto, Portugal! (read more…)


Why stay just anywhere in Porto, when you can stay there in style? 
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Paradise is in the middle of the Alentejo region in Portugal.  Surrounded by nothing but olive trees and a vast dry land, you are reminded of the rural areas of Tuscany.  The silent escape of the real world is perhaps just but for a short time, but you can do it in comfort, on a budget and with some great wine by your side! (read more…)


I am always looking for a great hidden gem.  Something that I’m not expecting, and then like a bolt of lightning it surprises me – but in a good way. (read more…)


The best meal in Portugal can be found in the charming and tucked away town of Évora.  From their appetizers to their entrées, to their fabulous wines, it’s all here at Tábua do Naldo! (read more…)

For delicious tapas, great service and fantastic wine, make sure to pop in at the Évora Taste Tapas Wine House.  With all their items at a reasonable price, anyone and everyone can afford to taste something at Taste.  (read more…)

Have a hankering for some pizza and pasta while you’re in the charming and historical town of Évora? Then perhaps you might like to consider Ristorante Pizzeria L’Italiano as a place to stop in and have some home style Italian food.   Not just any Italian food, but Sicilian food!  (read more…)

Looking for some authentic Alentejo food at low costs? You’re in luck. At O Canhoto Restaurant in, you will not only find great hospitality, traditional cuisine, but a wonderful environment.
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In the mood to stay at a manor dating back to the 17th century? How about relaxing by a private pool surrounded by unique architecture and massive palm trees? Indulge in some delicious local sausages and fresh squeezed orange juice for breakfast? If all of this sounds like it’s up your alley, then you might want to head to the tiny village of Borba.  Here, you will find Casa do Terreiro do Poço, with a lot more than what you might be expecting!
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Get lost with Lisa at the Évora fair in Évora , Porgual, and have some Portuguese food from Restaurant N-254! (read more…)

Have you ever had traditional Alentejo food? How about traditional Angolan food? How about the two intertwined? If you’ve always wanted to try either of the two, or both, then look no further than Dom Vinho!
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The most relaxing, attentive and stylish hotel in town with spectacular beach views is all yours when you book with Hotel Carvoeiro Plaza! (read more…)

The best seafood in the Algarve can be found at Sansibar Tapas Bar in Carvoeiro.  Not so sure? Let me expand on why this is.(read more…)

Villa Real

Immerse yourself in tranquility, comfort, gourmet cuisine and the most beautiful natural environment northern Portugal has to offer. You can find it all at Casas Novas Countryside Hotel!

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Welcome to Pátio das Andorinhas, a little piece of spectacular wonder in the middle of a tiny village in Alentejo! (read more…)



Waves crashing.  The wind blowing in your hair.  The sensation of neoprene stuck to your body by the cold wet Atlantic. And the rush of surfing across those majestic white waves.  The whole experience can be purchased, but the memory is priceless.(read more…)

Trying to find a guesthouse that’s right by the beach, economical and comfortable? Then BEACH CORNER Guesthouse is your best bet for convenience, location and comfort! Located in the small town of Espinho in northern  Portugal, the beach bum vibe is what you’ll find at this guesthouse. (read more…)


The greatest cocktails, friendliest person and most delicious guacamole in all of Portugal can be found at Má Ideia.  How do I know? Because I explored the whole country for a month. While Má Ideia may mean “bad idea”, the expression is far from the truth. In fact, coming to ‘Ideia’ is just the opposite – it’s a great idea! (read more…)

The best seafood in Northwest Portugal can be found in Praia da Vagueira.  On the shores of the famous Costas Novas, the beach village of Gafanha da Boa Hora has quite a lot to offer.  But no other restaurant in town can beat the delicious taste, traditional recipes and friendly staff of Marisqueira da Vagueira.  With a 5-star dining experience, the prices are not low, but certainly not high.(read more…)

Fresh seafood of all sorts, stunning views and classy atmosphere all await you at Aquário Marisqueira de Espinho!(read more…)

Sangria, beach beds and excellent customer service…what more could you ask for? (read more…)


If you’re looking for a place that has amazing and unique cocktails, but where you can also get healthy shakes…this is your place.  Not just a great hang out for friends and dates, but also the perfect spot to pick up a healthy drink on the go.   So why not get a cocktail at the bar, or perhaps Go Healthy?  (read more…)

In the mood for some  great, authentic Mexican food? Well then head over to Un Poco Loco Tacos & Drinks in Aveiro, where they will make you feel right at home.  Anyone who’s on a budget but wants some delicious food should stop in at Un Poco Loco.  You’d be crazy not to! (read more…)

Step inside one of the most traditional Portuguese restaurants you’ll find throughout the whole of the country! And, as an added bonus, get ready to eat well and save a lot! (read more…)

If you’re looking for a silent retreat from the hustle and bustle of city life, make sure to consider Quatro Anas Farmhouse as your next getaway.  And if it’s something in the city you’re looking for and on a budget, they’ve got you covered there too.  (read more…)