Prana Bali Day Spa – Carvoeiro, Portugal

Get ready to be relaxed.  Extremely relaxed. Immerse yourself in the calmest and most tranquil environment you can think of when you step into Prana Bali Day Spa in Carvoeiro, Portugal.

Prana Bali Day Spa

Owned and operated by Made, a native Balinese, she has been living in Carvoeiro and running her business for a mere year.  And in such a short time, she has seen great success. She and her husband, a native Portuguese, moved to the Algarve last year, after running a spa and restaurant in Bali together.  Made loves to serve her clients and it comes through in her kind approach with her clients, treating them all with great care and attention.

Upon entering the spa, you are greeted not only with the soft and calming voice of Made who will make you feel right at home, but also by the sounds at the spa itself.  The soothing and calming waterfall that is in the lobby area will make you forget your stress almost as quickly as the welcome foot massage they give their guests.  Before they do anything else, no matter what your treatment is, you get a luxurious foot massage in warm water for just over 5 minutes.  And no, you will not want to leave just because of this one particular pampering they offer.

What sets Prana Bali Day Spa apart from other spas in the area is the uniqueness of Made’s massages.  Though Made tends to note her massages, I insist it’s her personable demeanor and soft-spoken approach to conversation and treatment.  Her voice is intoxicatingly relaxing and I could listen to her speak all day long.

The Massages

But as far as what she says about the massages?  Although the benefits of a Balinese massage are almost the same as other massages, her technique is what’s special.  Not wanting to divulge too much for the article, or on video, Balinese massages have a quality and uniqueness which cannot be compared to other massages around the world.  And while at the end of the day, you are still going to feel relaxed and rejuvinated just like any other massage, there is in fact a difference in sensation while receiving a Balinese massage.

While I had the relaxing massage, they also offer a Balinese massage with hot stones, and Balinese massage with aromatherapy. Apparently, if you opt for the aromatherapy massage, it’s even more relaxing than the aforementioned other two.  That seems impossible, as I nearly fell asleep during the relaxing massage, but I’ll take her word for it.

Other Services

Not in the mood for a massage? Perhaps you’re in need of a manicure and pedicure as I was.  You won’t want to miss out on their specialty pedicures.  With a 5-star treatment, as she puts it, the pedicures are incredible.  You don’t just get one foot massage during the treatment, but two.  Yeah, I never wanted to leave. With an option of either standard pedicure or gel, you can take your pick of whatever color, design or type of pedicure you’d like.

And if it’s a facial you want, it’s a facial you’ll get.  With all of these choices of treatments, why wouldn’t you want to stop in at Prana Bali Day Spa? Right behind the fabulous Hotel Carvoeiro Plaza, it’s a convenient hop, skip and jump to head over to get an hour massage or relaxing pedicure. Why wait? Stop in at Prana Bali Day Spa today, and make sure to tell them Lisa sent you!