Stella Coiffure (a.k.a. Shapes) – Thira, Santorini, Greece

Welcome to Stella Coiffure, where magic happens. Step into the relaxing, but professional environment which has taken the owner 25 years to achieve.  You will be blown away with their blowouts, and yes, the pun was intended. You will be mesmerized with their hairstyles, and you will fall in love with their products.

Stella opened her shop in 1994.  Having started with little more than a brush and a dream, they now proclaim themselves to be the best and most talented salon on the island. With several staff members, they all work hard to make every single woman feel special and beautiful before she walks out the door. And to great success! I know that’s exactly how I felt before I left the shop.

After many years of going it solo, her daughter Argireta is now helping her mother shape women into the beautiful creations they are upon exiting Stella’s.  And speaking of “shape”, as of later this year, the salon will be changing its name to “Shapes”.  A little tidbit that might be helpful when you’re scouting out their salon. And believe me, you will be looking for them after you see the video and pictures I took while I was there.

Argireta spent the majority of her teen years helping her mom out in the salon, only to eventually move to London and take a professional course at Vidal Sassoon, where she became certified after only one month! The girl has skills, and I am here to testify to that. Check out the amazing job she did on my hair.

And while she only spent one month at the course, she spent three years in England’s capital.  Which must account for her excellent spoken English.  A big help for any foreigner who needs to explain to the staff what they need done.

Argireta explains that what sets them apart from other salons on the island, and what makes them the best in her opinion is the combination of 25 years’ experience on her mom’s end, and Argireta’s modern techniques.  The two coupled, make for an amazing experience.

While the majority of their clientele is during the non-summer months, and they are local, those locals do come regularly because they love the work that Stella and her daughter do.  They also love feeling beautiful, and what woman wouldn’t? Here at Stella, that’s what you’re going to feel.  Just as euphoric as a bride, as I mention at the end of my video. And speaking of brides, did I mention that they also do bridal hairdos? Yes, they do. Not only do they do these dos, but they also come to your hotel room to make you gorgeous on your big day.

Their most popular services are hairstyles, haircuts and coloring.

Prices: Coloring will run you anywhere between 30-50 Euro, highlights 30-60 and blowouts 20-25 Euro.

Also make sure to check out their hair products they have for sale. In addition to all the different choices of products they carry, they actually have my very favorite hair product of all time. Moroccan Oil.  And no, that’s not a type – that’s the brand.  Just buy it, it’s amazing.  And while they did have my favorite product ever, I actually went home with something new.  A bottle of Saryna KEY African hair oil.  Which, after being home and trying it myself…it’s also an incredible product and I love it.

So, with all these reasons to stop in and get your hair done Athenian style like I did, why wait? And when you do make your appointment, make sure to tell them Lisa sent you!