Venice Black Car: Transfer & Taxi Services – Venice, Italy

Benvenuti a Venezia! When traveling to Italy, the only way to see the country’s most beautiful and breathtaking city is by boat.  And the best company to book with, is Venice Black Car!

Venice Black Car

Having started their business 5 years ago, owner and operator Antonino knows how to please his clients.  Wanting to create an upscale and luxurious escape for his guests, he came up with the most brilliant idea.  Catering to guests who need both land and water travel, he initiated the taxi service company known as Venice Black Car.

With 5 drivers in total, the company boasts three boats, 4 Mercedes mini-vans and 3 luxury cars. All at the disposal of his clients, they are able to ride in style whether it’s by river or road.

Not only does the company offer transfers from the airport and train station, but tours as well. Just imagine it.  You get picked up by an elegant car at the airport, you’re whisked off to a boat waiting for you in the heart of Venice, and then sped to your hotel for the evening. All the while, taking in the glorious view that is Venezia.


But if it’s not in that order that you’d like to do things, how about this game plan? You get picked up by boat directly, and then maybe you do a tour of the canals? Or maybe you’d like to go to Murano for the day – the little island known for its famous glass creations.  Or, you could follow my strategy.  I was picked up by the boat at a hotel in town, taken around for a tour of the canals and then dropped off at the train station.  Any way you slice it, your experience will be unforgettable, and the ride the most divine.

Luxury & Style

That’s right. We haven’t gotten to the best part of the whole trip.  Not that seeing Venice by water isn’t the best part – because, it really is.  But aside from the stunning views, you will feel like a King or Queen riding in your private luxury boat.  The taxi boat is designed to make you feel relaxed, comfortable and with total privacy.  At least, in as much privacy is allowed in the middle of Venice’s Grand Canal.


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And if it’s not Venice that you want to visit, then ask Antonino about their wine tasting tours to Valpolicella. That will be where they take me the next time I’m in the area, for sure.

Take a gander at the Renalto Bridge from beneath its imposing grandeur. Or gaze out at the gondeliers crooning couples romantically as they drift down the water. 

The fantasy becomes reality, all with Venice Black Car, and the experience is one in a million. 

The comfort, style and convenience is what it’s all about with Venice Black Car.  And I can honestly say that this was one of my top 2 best experiences that I had the whole 6 weeks I was in Italy.  I have Venice Black Car to thank for it, and I can’t wait to use their services again the next time I’m in Veneto.

So throw on some Pavarotti and get in the mood to cruise the canals of Venice.  With the famous sites you’ve only ever read about right at your fingertips, you will feel like you’ve stepped into a dream. 

Make sure to book with Venice Black Car when you’re in Venice. They are professional, friendly, and offer the most luxurious experiences money can buy. And when you do book with them, make sure to let them know that Lisa sent you!