VIP Limuzin: Limousine Service – Budapest, Hungary

Want to cruise around Budapest in style, sophistication and comfort? How about party from dusk til dawn with champagne and cocktails while you roll around in the fanciest stretch limo Budapest has to offer? Or maybe you need to get to the airport in a sleek and time efficient way. Whatever your pleasure, VIP Limuzin will be sure to take care of your every need!

The Back Story

Take a couple of nightclub pros, put them together and give them the keys to a few limousines and what do you have? Abel and Zsolt, two young Hungarian entrepeneurs who have invested time, money and passion into their most recent and greatest love – the limo industry. Purchasing their first limo in 2013, it all started from there. With 15 years each of nightclub experience behind them, they set their sights on a new industry where they’ve been flourishing ever since that first set of car keys was handed to them.

By happenstance, the company where they worked prior to VIP was looking to escort some high profile guests around in style. They bought the limousine to please the clients at the time, they purchased the limo but then had no further use for it. Instead of selling the vehicle they decided to go into a new line of work – becoming partners in a limousine company. The plan worked, and now the pair make a steady living at chauffeuring guests around the beautiful capital and beyond.

Their Success

And quite a living they’re making. With approximately 1,000 reservations per year, this is an average of 10-15,000 passengers annually. That’s a lot of traffic, eh hem, pun intended.

But it wasn’t just the coincidence of already owning the limo that brought the VIP partners as much success as they’ve gained since starting the business. It’s also because of their love for cars.  Having already made a hobby out of cars, being able to own a company dedicated to them, and doing 90% of the driving themselves makes their job that much more enjoyable. One of the owners humbly states that quality is never at the expense of quantity. Which is apparently reflected in reviews they get on Google, TripAdvisor and Facebook – just to name a few forums. And unlike other companies around town, they are the ones almost exclusively responsible for the driving.  In addition for their passion for automobiles and driving, they’ve also been in the hospitality world for many years. The two coupled together make for the perfect union in a harmonious working environment.

Abel and Zsolt have a total of 6 vehicles; you can make or put in your request on booking. Would you prefer one of 4 Lincoln Towncars which can seat up to 9 people? Perhaps a Ford Expedition that holds 15 people? Or what about their Hummer H2 which seats 20 people? If you’re anything like me, you’ll probably want to stick to the classic white stretch.  This was probably the sexiest car I’ve ever ridden in – and certainly the biggest!


Quality of course costs money, and in the case of VIP they are no exception. While they may not be the least expensive limo company in Budapest they do offer the highest quality. Which begs the question – would you prefer a low price and a dirty vehicle, or a higher price with much higher standards in how to keep the client happy? My vote is for the latter.

Prices vary and depend on different things. What type of limousine, the type of service, and different amenities requested along with the limo are all factored into the price. There is a base price for each service which doesn’t include anything outside of the limousine or the chauffeur. If you are wanting to ride around Budapest proper, there are different rates for the length of time you want to rent out the limo. If on the other hand you are interested in a transfer service, the price would then depend on where you want to go. The airport, another city, etc. all have different rates.

Transfers & Tours

They take you everywhere. While airport transfers and specific destinations are their most popular requests, it’s not limited to just that. You can do a night tour of the city like I did (which is the only way to see Budapest in my opinion). You can also request to go to other parts of the country as well. Perhaps you want to travel to the far eastern side of Hungary to visit long-lost relatives. VIP is your best bet to get you there in style and comfort. Foreigners have also asked to be taken to other cities within Europe. And VIP? They are happy to oblige. Whether it’s been Vienna, Bratislava or other neighboring countries’ capitals, VIP gets guests where they need to be in time, in style and safely.

But if you are someone in need of a long-distance transfer, great news! There is a discounted price offered in this case.

Special Requests

The owners proudly state that there is no such thing as impossible. Any kind of beverage can be requested, as long as it is obtainable in Hungary (and the customer agrees to the price). Looking to have a bachelorette party or celebrate a birthday? Then perhaps you’ll want to request balloons and ribbons to be decorated on the interior and exterior of the car. Who wouldn’t want the whole city knowing it’s your special day?

Something else that just happens to be a regular request for VIP, are red roses, chocolates and flower bouquets.

Need a stripper? VIP is happy accommodate. Whether you prefer male or female entertainment, they will drive you around wherever you want to go while the party is going on in the back. Just sit back, relax and enjoy the ride. Literally.


And with today’s technology, you can access VIP’s sound system in the car with your phone, too. This way you can listen to whatever you want and as loud as you want while you enjoy the breathtaking views of Budapest through your tinted windows.

Feel free to speak English with VIP as that’s what they’re use to speaking with their clients. Though they are able to speak German and French at a minimal level, sticking to either English or Hungarian is your safest bet of communication.

My VIP Experience

My experience with VIP Limuzin was one of the greatest experiences I’ve ever had in Budapest. And I’ve lived in Budapest, visited the city countless times over the past 30+ years.  So, coming from me, this says a lot. The ride was fabulous, smooth and comfortable. The view of Budapest through my private car was absolutely dreamy and unforgettable and a must-do-over-again event!


The limousine company is the most polite, friendly and approachable you could ever ask to find in Budapest or any other city around the world for that matter. With courteous service and big smiles, you will not want to get out of the limo for this reason alone. The modern comforts of the surround sound stereo system was loud – even to the point of making one feel like they are in a discotheque.

The city tour that I took was extensive and detailed, showing the tourist all of the most important sites of Budapest – even in the freezing ice cold temperatures that I encountered that night. Abel, the owner and my chauffeur that evening, was accommodating and would stop the limo every single time I wanted to get out to take photos or video, and even led me by arm to the citadel through the icy streets.

The Extras & How to Book


Champagne was also offered on my tour, and I gladly accepted. The highlight of my last trip to Budapest most assuredly was driving around the glorious capital by night sipping away at my Hungarian champagne and enjoying the view from my comfortable, warm ride.

The following morning, Abel picked me up at 3 AM to take me to the airport to catch an early morning flight. Delightful and cheery, he was happy to pick up all of my heavy luggage, put it in the trunk of the limo and whisk me away, once again in comfort and style to Liszt Ferenc Repülőtér.

My experience, in short, was tremendous, and I will most certainly be using their services again in the future.

Undoubtedly you are wondering where you can book with VIP Limuzin. It’s simple. Click here to go directly to their website. Follow all the steps online to make your dream of riding around Budapest by limo a reality.  Just make sure that when you do book with them, you let them know that Lisa sent you!