Victor Picardo Hair Styling Group- Carvoeiro, Portugal

Victor Picardo

Welcome to Victor Picardo Hair Styling Group, the most professional and devastatingly stylish hair salon in all of Cavoeiro!

With its doors opening in 2005, Victor Picardo Hair Styling Group is no stranger to Portugal.  In fact, the group has a whopping 5 locations throughout the Algarve.  In a hair emergency you’re safest bet is  to head straight to Picardo, where they will fix you up fashionably.

Everyone in Carvoeiro knows about Victor Picardo, and for good reason. They know about it, because they are the best salon in town.  And anyone and everyone you ask either knows about it, or goes there themselves.  Which absolutely proves that they are clearly doing something right to have such fame for such a busy town.

The Talented Gala

My hair stylist that day was Gala, who is not only a long-time hair stylist at the now well-known salon, she is also a co-owner as of last year.  Her talents are not simply limited to hair coloring and washing (although it’s clear she has a natural gift for both).  Gala’s are also found in cutting, blow-outs and of course styling. Staying abreast of the latest fashions and trends, Gala is constantly educating herself on Parisian coiffs and colors, assuring her clients that she is up to snuff when it comes to the mode du jour.

Her real passion and most important prerogative is to make sure her clients have the perfect fit for their face.  Even eyeing my hair the whole time I was there, she said the next time I’m in town she has ideas for how she wants to color my hair.  I will definitely have to take her up on that offer!

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You might not want to leave Victor Picardo with just a fancy hairdo, though.  They have on offer manicures, pedicures, massages and more.  An aesthetician on staff, you can get your legs waxed, your nails done and your hair done up for a fashionable price.

The cost of getting your hair done at Victor Picardo isn’t cheap, but neither is the quality or the atmosphere.  The staff could not be more kind, friendly or professional.  Offering their guests drinks, and a pleasant smile or joke, they are at your service with anything and everything you might need.

Prices range from average to high depending on  what you would like to have done.  A women’s haircut is 42 Euro, while men’s cuts are 24.50.  A hair coloring for women runs between 100-120 Euro and a simple wash and dry is 27 Euro.


And the products? Victor Picardo has an array of products for sale, a few of which I was  able to snag before I walked out the door. Do not leave  without buying some of their Redken Heat Protection Spray.  It smells amazing and will make your hair completely frizz-free when you use it at home.  I know.  I just used it myself and I’m smelling my hair right now. It’s incredible stuff.  L’Oreal and Kérastase hair care is also available for purchase.

In Short

While the staff is small, the ambiance is cozy yet chic.  You will feel right at home when you step in, and if you’re a foreigner, not to worry! The majority of their clientele is international, and everyone on staff speaks English among other foreign languages.  My experience that day was as pleasant as I could have expected, and more.  With a lovely blow-out even before Gala did it up, my hair looked amazing before she’d even done anything.  The hairstyle she created for me was one she is proud of, and is just a taste of the real art she can create for brides-to-be.  Mine was downright simple, compared to the hair odysseys she purportedly takes people on.

So what’s the hold up? You know you want to get a fancy do just like I did while you’re in chic Carvoeiro! Just make sure that when you stop in at Victor Picardo for your next haircut, you let them know that Lisa sent you!