Washington State

Photo taken at Nooksack River in Whatcom County, Washington

From its spectacular mountains, to its gorgeous rivers and lakes – and even ocean side – Washington State is quite simply put the most beautiful state in the union. I say that not just because I’m from this unique place, but because it’s true. And while you might want to do some snowboarding, mountain or rock climbing, or water skiing while you’re there, you’re probably going to want to eat and in between it all.  On this page, you can get a glimpse of some of the best places in the country to eat (and sleep of course) while you’re in what is known as the Switzerland of America!


At Emanar, coziness, friendliness, and yumminess are of utmost importance… (read more…)


While the burgers are the best you’ll ever have, you’ll be coming back to their joint just for the blackberry malts! (read more…)


Mexican food at its highest quality, taste and at the lowest price! (read more…)


When you combine ingenious art with American fare you get the delicious wonder that is Twilight Pizza Bistro! (read more…)


Make sure to be wearing a pair of loose pants when you come to Kitchen Table Cafe…you will want to eat everything in sight! (read more…)


Get lost with Lisa at McMenamins on the Columbia in Vancouver, Washington! (read more..)


Everything at the Don Juan Corner Cafe will give you the longing to come back for more… especially their guacamole… (read more…)

Elements combines unique flavors with stylish presentation… (read more…)

Come in for the atmosphere. Ward off the hunger with massive appetizers. Stay for the entrees. But be seduced by the desserts… (read more…)

Opa! Get lost with Lisa at Gyro Shack in Hazel Dell, Washington! (read more…)

Pasta Gigi’s Fettucine Alfredo had me practically licking the plate by the end. Don’t miss out on their signature dishes either though. In fact, while you’re there, just order one of everything to play it safe…(read more…)

If you’re looking for  quality Napoletana pizza on the south side of Seattle, then look no further than Pizzeria Pulcinella.  (read more..)

Get your song on at the coolest karaoke joint in Seattle, Washington – Ozzie’s! (read more…)

Skipper’s is one of the greatest fast food restaurants of all time…this coupled with Wayback Burgers is like a little piece of heaven…at a Chevron gas station… (read more…)

Located in one of Seattle’s most well known, yet contreversial areas, Blue Moon Burgers makes some of the best patties in town for a reasonable rate that everyone can afford. (read more…)