While it may be the most important meal of the day, who says it can’t be the most delicious? Around the world people enjoy their first dish of the day in different ways. But one thing is for sure, it’s always enjoyable! Check out all the fun food you can have in different parts of the globe, no matter where you’re headed!

My rating is determined as follows:

Quality of food – 75%       Quality of service 15%       Quality of ambiance – 10%      


Make sure to be wearing a pair of loose pants when you come to Kitchen Table Cafe…you will want to eat everything in sight! (read more…)


Welcome to Toasted Coffee + Kitchen. The best breakfast joint in all of Dallas. Get breakfast all day long, any day of the week but make sure you don’t “get” toasted while you’re there…(read more…)


Welcome to Ellen’s.  The greatest brunch restaurant, and most talked about one in all of Dallas is someplace you need to try while in the Big D. Here are just a few of the many delicious reasons Ellen’s is the greatest thing since (their own) sliced bread!  (read more…)

Get lost with Lisa at Toasted Coffee + Kitchen in Fort Worth, Texas! (read more…)

Get lost with Lisa at Brunch Bistro Budapest in Budapest, Hungary! (read more…)

Get ready for some of the best pastries in the city, some of the friendliest staff around and the most charming ambiance you can find in Budapest. It’s all at Á Table Boulangerie-Pâtisserie! (read more…)

Looking for some breakfast fare? How about breakfast all day long? How about in a really vibrant and unique location? Then you should probably check out Toast & Jam in Schererville, Indiana. With just about everything but the kitchen sink on their menu, there’s no chance you’ll go hungry here… 

(read more…)

Get lost with Lisa at Cafe Brunch Budapest in Budapest Hungary! (read more…)