Photo taken at Navarre Beach, Florida

Everybody dreams of the waves and hot sun that grace the southeastern most state of the union. It’s not just the oranges and beaches that people flock to Florida to enjoy, though. Florida has some of the best places to eat and retreat. With two long winding coasts, the diverse state has both northern and southern elements to its culture, topography and accents. Make sure you scroll through this page to find all the best places to visit while you’re in America’s favorite vacation state.

There are few vacation rentals in the world that can boast to have it all. And Sea Gypsy Vacation Rentals is in that lucky rare bunch. With over a 100 rentals to choose from, there’s something to fit everyone’s taste, budget, style and way of life…(read more…)

When you step into a place of sophistication, it’s hard not to let the residual burn stay with you…(read more…)

 Brooks Burgers may be the best food you’ve never known about in all of Southwest Florida. From their signature burgers to their classic Fish n’ Chips and their out of this world cocktails, the restaurant has been thriving for a while and owner Scott knows a thing or two about how to keep his guests happy – whether they be newcomers like me, or regular customers.  (read more…)

Although there may be many choices in the Southwest Florida area when it comes to food, Hungarian Kitchen should be at the top of your list of places to visit.  Even if you’ve never tried Hungarian food or have ever even heard of it, this is your opportunity to get real Magyar cuisine by a real Hungarian! Everything from the soup to the placsinta (Hungarian style dessert crepes) you will be wowed by the flavors and authenticity! (read more…)

You may be hard pressed to find a magical time-traveling DeLorean in Southwest Florida. But if you’re really keen on stepping back into the past, then the best option is checking out Mel’s Diner! With several locations in the greater Naples area, you’re going to love the music, the food and most especially the atmosphere!

(read more…)

Stay overnight in the past, wake up to peace and quiet, and enjoy tasteful and antiquated décor while in beautiful Pensacola, Florida! (read more…)

Welcome to Ceno Grille, where they prove that a little place can pack a lot of food! (read more…)