The most flavorful and unique tastes of Hungarian cuisine are rarely found outside of the homeland of Magyarország. From their traditional meals to their exquisite wines – Hungary truly is a one in a million when it comes to eating and drinking. And once you try the specialty dishes of the tiny landlocked country in eastern Europe, you will be hooked! You may even want to fly there just to have some tasty anything with paprika…

My rating is determined as follows:

Quality of food – 75%       Quality of service – 15%       Quality of ambiance – 10%      


Get lost with Lisa at the Pest-Buda Hotel’s luxury apartment in Budapest, Hungary! (read more…)


Few places in Tokaj really give you the feeling of being in western Europe. But La Bor Bistro & Boutique Hotel, makes you feel like you’ve stepped into a little piece of Parisian paradise. (read more…)


Their wine is not the only impressive thing at Hemingway Restaurant. It’s also the killer food, the amazing design, and unbeatable service! (read more…)

pierrot restaurant

To find the kind of tasteful elegance that you get here at Pierrot Restaurant is quite rare… (read more…)

Urban Betyár Restaurant - Budapest, Hungary


Get lost with Lisa at Urban Betyár in Budapest, Hungary (read more…)


Get lost with Lisa at Oroszlános Restaurant in Tállya, Hungary! (read more…)


Although there may be many choices in the Southwest Florida area when it comes to food, Hungarian Kitchen should be at the top of your list of places to visit.  Even if you’ve never tried Hungarian food or have ever even heard of it, this is your opportunity to get real Magyar cuisine by a real Hungarian! Everything from the soup to the placsinta (Hungarian style dessert crepes) you will be wowed by the flavors and authenticity! (read more…)

With a long and fascinating history, dine at one of the most well-known and historic restaurants that not only Budapest has to offer, but all of Europe! (read more…)

When you have the perfectly executed combination of delicious traditional Hungarian food with the most spectacular location and view in Budapest, why not stop in at Why Not Bistro? (read more…)

Get lost with Lisa at Fülemüle Restaurant in Budapest, Hungary! (read more…)


Lángos-mester Eatery - Tokaj, Hungary

Get lost with Lisa at Lángos-mester in Tokaj, Hungary! (read more…)

Get lost with Lisa at Brunch Bistro Budapest in Budapest, Hungary! (read more…)

Looking for some homestyle Hungarian food at reasonable prices? Then The Anchor Restaurant is the place to go! (read more…)

Get lost with Lisa at Cafe Brunch Budapest in Budapest Hungary! (read more…)

Welcome to Kedves Palacinsta, where you will be overwhelmed with deciding just which treat to order out of the dozens they have on offer! (read more…)

Want a lot of different food and don’t want to spend a lot? How about unlimited food and lots of it? Then you might want to check out Gastland Oktogon Bisztro in Budapest, where their food is on par with their prices! (read more…)

Huli Panzio

For those out there looking for a comfortable stay, but trying to save some money, the Huli Panzio is the perfect fit.  (read more…)

Get lost with Lisa at Halra Bora Restaurant in Tokaj, Hungary!(read more…)

Welcome to East Side Toledo’s best kept treasure: Tony Packo’s Café! With a unique history, mention in television, and incomparable souvenirs, Tony Packo’s is a fun place to spend an evening and get lost. In this case, get lost with Lisa. (read more…)