May 2019

Best Accommodation of the Month:

While some might not be all that impressed when they find out that Hotel Du Globe is a mere three-star hotel, you would never guess it when staying here. (read more…)

Best Food & Wine of the Month:

If you find yourself in need of some delicious food with a very upscale and elegant atmosphere, then you might want to consider dining at Jardin Mazarin. (read more…)

Best Experience of the Month:

My trip to France would have been nice, but it was fantastic thanks to Aixcursions. With an extremely clever name, an unbelievably friendly owner (who is also the company’s sole driver), and an exhaustive list of tours on offer by the company, Aixcursions is by far and away your best bet at having an unforgettable experience while in the south of France. (read more…)