Photo taken in Portland, Oregon

While Oregon’s most natural charm is its flora and fauna, the city of Portland is what usually springs to mind when people think of the liberally forward state. Here you can check out just a few places in the second most well known city in the Pacific Northwest, which are just as unique and spunky as Stumptown itself.

Fire on the Mountain isn’t just your typical beer and chicken wing bar. It’s a full-on restaurant with liquor and alcohol galore, tons of seating and great staff that will make you want to come back for more! (read more…)

Elephants Delicatessen - Portland, Oregon

At Elephants you can choose between feeling sophisticated with any number of their snazzy cocktails, or right at home with their homemade American grub. (read more…)

At Voodoo Doughnuts, abnormal is the norm! (read more…)