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Controversial. The woods. Back roads of rural Alabama. All of these things may sound scary and obscure, but they all have something in common and are not what they might seem. So is The Dixie General Store in Heflin, Alabama.  (read more…)

Vitola Fine Cigars Mountain Brook - Birmingham, Alabama

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Sea Gypsy Vacation Rentals Gift Shop - Estero Island, Florida

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Welcome to Kelly’s Kernels, where something is always popping! (read more…)

With so many all-natural, 100% organic, vegan-friendly, eco-friendly, and everything else sunshine and rainbows on the market these days, who can you trust? Some products market themselves as 100% organic and this leads us to believe it really is. Until we read the label and find out there’s actually a lot of other undesirable ingredients that go into making their “completely all-natural” skin care. Enter FrangiPani Body Products. A line so simple and straight forward, it’s hard to believe that it’s actually on the market, but luckily for you and I, it really is. (read more…)


Craving something sweet?  The popcorn bug got the better of you? Looking for something sweet and salty? Then you might want to pop on into Crave. All of your popcorn, sweet tooth and old fashioned food desires can be found here – and so much more!  (read more…)

Washington State

Moon Valley Organics - Seattle, Washington

For those seeking an all-natural, completely organic and soothing solution to all of your skin problems, Moon Valley Organics is made for you!  (read more…)