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There’s always a good reason to go to a new hairstylist, and Alex at Foxy Hair Salon gives you more than one to pick him as your new favorite hair guru! (read more…)

Getting your hair done at Serendipity Salon might not just be a coincidence – it might just be serendipitous! (read more…)

Welcome to the marvelous hair world of Sarah Miller.  Her coloring techniques will blow you away, but will continually sweep you back in for more!

Located in Crown Point, Indiana, Sarah Miller can be found inside the Nicole Thomas Salon. With a large base of clients who have been coming to her for years, she is truly a fun hair stylist to chat with while your luxurious grooming is going on. (read more…)

You might wonder what a sleepy little town in Northwest Indiana has to offer that’s unique and relaxing.  Enter The Salt Cave, where you’ll find that making you feel relaxed, detoxed and healthy are their top priorities here…(read more…)

Che' Bellezza Spa - Highland, Indiana

Get ready to find peace and relaxation at Che Bellezza, where they will put both your body and mind at ease..(read more…)

Studio Eleven87 - Highland, Indiana

Feel important, pampered and loved when you walk into Studio Eleven87 in Highland, Indiana!


Welcome to the magical world of Melanie Tawater! Here in Allen, Texas, you’ll find one of the most talented hairstylists in the state, and surely one of the friendliest. From highlights to cut and dry, you won’t believe the miracle she’ll create for you and your hair! (read more…)

Johnny Rodriguez: The Salon - Plano, Texas

Sophistication, elegance, and style can be said about one hair salon in northwest Plano, Texas. Johnny Rodriguez is the place to be if you are someone who considers a good hairstyle a priority and want the magic touch. Come and see for yourself just what kind of transformation can be done on you too!  (read more…)

Beauty, convenience, and immpecable service are all waiting for you in one place. Imagique Salon Suites in Richardson, Texas! The one stop salon studio where all of your beauty needs are met any day of the week!

Get ready to get your hair done – and really, really well.  Hair by Martha isn’t just a great new look, it’s a great new style and change to your personality! Feel beautiful, unique and simply the best when you choose Hair by Martha as your next hair stylist in the Big D!  (read more…)

What’s so great about Modern Thai Spa & Bodywork? Oh, nothing. Just the fact that it’s the greatest massage you will ever have in your life! Make sure to read on to find out why Modern Thai Spa is the place to go when you can’t move!  (read more…)

Make sure to come to Modern Thai Spa & Bodywork in order to relax, feel refreshed and pain free! (read more…)

Get ready to feel relaxed and healed, with the power of Healing Hands’ professionally trained massage students. The worst thing about feeling healed, is you won’t want to leave!  (read more…)

Washington State

For those seeking an all-natural, completely organic and soothing solution to all of your skin problems, Moon Valley Organics is made for you!  (read more…)